using setValue in Zend-Form

I try to pass a value to an Zend-Form element. It shall be filled when the formclass is instantiated. Perhaps it is even the wrong idea? What I gonna do: I want to give a value to my formclass via my controller addAction: $form = new PadForm(NULL,...
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2017-11-30 19:11 (1) Answers

ZF3: Read out url parameter in PhpRenderer

I want to upgrade from ZF2 to ZF3 right now and has the following problem with using URL parameter in my PhpRenderer. In ZF2 I use the HelperPluginManager to get Application, then the MvcEvent and finally the routeMatch: $routeMatch = $this ->...
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2017-11-30 17:11 (2) Answers

Common SQL query in Zend-Framework

How i can use a sql-query code that i already have on Zend-Framework using Model and Controller? I'm tried of many ways and i can't solve this. This is a example of "common sql-query code" to test: "SELECT id_arquivos_retorno FROM sa_arquivos_retor...
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2017-11-30 14:11 (1) Answers

How to use the Zend Framework Tool correctly?

I installed the ZFTool using Composer $ composer global require zendframework/zftool:dev-master and made it available via a symlink in the /usr/local/bin directory $ ln -s $COMPOSER_HOME/vendor/bin/zf.php /usr/local/bin/zf $ which zf /usr/local/b...
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2017-11-30 10:11 (0) Answers

zend expressive layout variable

Zend expressive - Layout Based on this question, I want to pass a variable to layout from an Action How can I try to do that? $toast = [ 'level'=>'info', 'msg' =&g...
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2017-11-27 04:11 (1) Answers

Implementing a rest api using zf3

I want to build a new REST API for my application on the base of zend framework 3. Because I'm very new in zend two things are a bit misunderstanding for me: I know there's a framework named zf-rest and I also know how to include it via composer. But...
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2017-11-25 20:11 (0) Answers

Zend Framework2 learning as Laravel (web)developer

Let's ignore the discussion on why and why not to use Zend or Laravel. How high would the learning curve be for a Laravel web developer when starting out with Zend Framework? Let's say the developer has about 2 years of experience working with the...
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2017-11-24 15:11 (0) Answers

Restrict user actions with zend pdf

Is it possible at all in Zend Framework (any version) to restrict user actions with Zend Pdf? For example with Adobe Acrobat you can put a password on the PDF file and customize it by setting permissions on it. Such as allowed to copy, edit and pri...
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2017-11-23 11:11 (1) Answers

How to return plain text in a zend controller

I'm trying to figure out how I can only return a simple text in a zend controller. So far I've used this approach and it kinda works except when there's an exception occurs in the try block and it returns the exception error as well try { ...
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2017-11-22 20:11 (0) Answers

apigility zend error logging

My application is using zend with apigility recently I wanted to use zend logger to log all errors. it works fine unless there is some PHP error like accessing parameter of non existing object etc. i have registered logger 'service_manager' => a...
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2017-11-22 15:11 (0) Answers

Infinity loop redirects

I have an infinit loop redirect with this conditions, if i put just the first if, it works fine bu i need the others. It is possible to do an switch case on it ? $name = "cookie"; $value = "1"; $period = "60"; //1min //the cookie name= 'valide' ...
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2017-11-21 11:11 (0) Answers

Ajax Post in Zend Framework

I'm very very new in Zend Framework. I wanted delete a row in db via $.post in jQuery that was not done. I also did a lot of research on Google and Youtube, but I did not get result, Unfortunately. Please help me. ZF version: 1.11.2 application/Boot...
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2017-11-21 06:11 (1) Answers

passing value to form

I'm not quite sure about the way of doing. The challenge: I call an addAction which shows a form. The point of calling the addAction gives two routing parameters, say value1 and value 2 separated by an "-". I need value 1 and value 2 to search a pk i...
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2017-11-16 19:11 (0) Answers

Handling CSRF in ZF2 on loader balnacer

We are using shared sessions via db, but the CSRF-token is in a cookie, and it is always created when a form is created. So, when the server switches, the CSRF-token value is changed, which leads to that the CSRF-token is not validated. I don't reall...
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2017-11-15 11:11 (0) Answers

Zend3 iLike Search in Postgresql

I have data in my table, database Postgresql, which is both in lower and upper case, ex. 'Apple'. I have a search input textfield. How can i convert the data in my database to lower case so that it returns 'Apple' when i type 'apple' in my textfield....
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2017-11-15 04:11 (1) Answers

SocialEngine - Hook before signup process complete

I want to add a new step in signup process of SocialEngine and I want after first step to send some verification code to the user's phone number. How can I set a hook for that like onUserCreateBefore. I added this in User/Plugin/Core.php but no resul...
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2017-11-14 08:11 (1) Answers

AWS Elasticcache Memcached With Zend

We have made several API's with the zend framework but due to large data amount we have to use AWS Elasticcache There is two types of services available Redis and Mem-cached Mem-cached is suitable for my api but i have did the several research on ...
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2017-11-13 08:11 (0) Answers

How to check if the product is downloadable?

I would like to check if the product is downloadable and has no weight so I can check it besides if the product isSaleable to solve a bug. This is the check that I want to add condition to it <?php if ($_product->isSaleable()): ?> ...
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2017-11-10 22:11 (1) Answers

Nested breadcrumb using zend-navigation

I have a problem using my navigation via zend-navigation, my concept of site hierarchy is such below: blog ->category->posts when im in the category page the breadcrumb shown is correct blog > category but when im in the posts the breadcrumb shows th...
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2017-11-09 13:11 (0) Answers

create a pdf file with Zend's view content

I've search for a solution to create a pdf file with the content of a Zend's view. The point is that I have some views that are presented to the user normally and sometimes they need to create a PDF with the same content, the big problem is to take ...
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2017-11-08 14:11 (0) Answers

"Cannot send headers; headers already sent in"

I have a problem with my payment plugin. When I go to checkout and choose payment method (Debit Card) and when I click Pay I receive an error: There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security rea...
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2017-11-07 16:11 (1) Answers