Cannot create git repository using Xcode 9

I have created a project that I would like to push to my GitHub account. Unfortunately, I did not create a GitHub repository when creating the project. When I attempt to create a repository using Xcode by following the path of Source Control -> Creat...
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2017-12-03 12:12 (1) Answers

Making Xcode not to show R.swift files

I have Xcode 9 and I use the R.swift module in my project. The R generated files are huge and therefore each time I accidentally click on one or open one using the "open quickly" option, the whole program freezes for a minute and I can't do anything ...
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2017-12-03 10:12 (0) Answers

Adding Thousand Separator Automatically (Swift)

I have a code for my calculator How could I do so that when the user would enter the numbers he would be separated by a space automatically? I've been trying to find an answer for a long time, but nothing fits that it was displayed right away ...
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2017-12-03 08:12 (2) Answers

Custom font in Xcode does not work

Added custom font as tutorial suggest here. font is in “Build Phases” -> “Bundle Resources” font names is in your plist But still neither from Stroyboard nor from code I can set font of an UILabel. What am I missing? ...
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2017-12-03 01:12 (1) Answers

Implement Reusable & Configurable ViewController

In my iOS app I need a common modal ViewController (lets call it GetData) across multiple parent ViewControllers. GetData needs to be configurable (as in hide/show some Views). GetData should be able to return data to the calling ViewController. Her...
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2017-12-02 11:12 (2) Answers

Xcode Simulator and Magic Trackpad

I just would like to know whether Xcode Simulator enable Force Touch functionality, adding the new Apple Magic Trackpad 2 to an iMac (my mac is a middle 2011 model). I need to simulate this feature, saving the money to buy a new MacBook that has it e...
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2017-12-01 22:12 (1) Answers

Xcode Memory Graph Debugging Icon not showing

I've recently started working on an existing objc project and wanted to check the memory graph debugging tool. As I started a debugger with the app I realised it doesn't show in the debugging tools. I tried it with another project (created a new sw...
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2017-12-01 11:12 (0) Answers

Prevent fastlane scan from hiding the simulator

Ever since some recent update of fastlane it prevents simulators from opening a visible window. Keyboard button taps are still audible and the UI tests are executed, but the simulator window itself is not opened. This is ok in most cases, however ri...
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2017-12-01 10:12 (1) Answers

adding external developer to development team

We would like to outsource a iOS project, however, we definitely don't want to share our private signing key or Apple developer account credential to external developer. Now, the external developer ask me to add him as a team member of "Development ...
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2017-11-30 22:11 (1) Answers

Xcode 9 - iOS 11 Device Log Private

I am having problems installing an app I have written via an MDM. The only error shown on screen is: "Unable to download app" Connecting my device to my Mac and looking at the Device Log while installing gives me the following lines: Nov 30 15:08:...
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2017-11-30 16:11 (0) Answers

Can't run Xcode simulator

I am running Xcode 9.1 and recently rebooted my computer. Prior to rebooting I could run the simulator with no problems. After rebooting I get this message. "Enter the name and password of a user in the developer tools group" I am running this o...
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2017-11-30 13:11 (1) Answers

Understanding breakpoints and threads in swift

I am trying to wrap my head around debugging and threads in Swift/Xcode. I have added a breakpoint to the beginning of a method and in the callstack, I see several references to different methods. The first method is used to create the UIImageView, t...
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2017-11-29 13:11 (1) Answers

C++ Levelization and Dependency Analysis for Xcode

I have a C++ project with around 1700 source code files and headers where I'm trying to extract platform-independent classes for a cross-platform C++ dynamic library. But there are terrible dependencies on platform-specific code all over the place, ...
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2017-11-29 05:11 (0) Answers

IPA size and performance

Hi I am trying to understand how ipa size matters in iOS app development. My app is having almost 60MB IPA size and I am trying to know does it matter? If yes does it affect app performance/ memory? My understanding is - performance is only depends ...
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2017-11-29 04:11 (1) Answers

Ruby problems with formotion module

There is an app written in ruby that I need to get running. It worked before IOS11 but is now throwing errors. I have formotion installed and all the appropriate gems and the SDK. I am having trouble getting the compiler to recognize that there is a ...
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2017-11-28 18:11 (1) Answers

Project Builds and Runs, but does not Archive

I have a project which builds and runs fine on the simulator and device, but fails when archiving. The project is very old, but I have created a separate component which I have added in the workspace. The main project is written in Objective-C, the...
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2017-11-28 11:11 (2) Answers

Detect scrolling tableviewcell

I have a tableview that each cell contains a collectionview.How can I detect corresponding cell when user scrolls a collection? func scrollViewDidEndDecelerating(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) { if (lastContentOffset.x < (scrollView.content...
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2017-11-28 09:11 (1) Answers