Problems with wchar and registry entry

So I want to add a string to registry, since the registry strings are to written NULL terminated my string contains a null char in various places. This is what my string looks like. char names[550] = "1DFA-3327-*\01DFA-3527-*\001DFA-E527-*\00951-15...
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2017-11-06 12:11 (1) Answers

".bat" file isn't printing accents to a .txt file

I'm using a .bat file for running a .jar program. The problem is that, even though the .bat file reads the input (aéí / lalélí / cácécí) it doesn't print them to the text file. ( Image: CMD console output ) And you can see here the text file w...
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2017-11-05 13:11 (1) Answers

Why isn't context manager closing file descriptor?

I'm trying to create a context manager that uses mmap which is itself is a context manager. Initially I had an dumb open file problem [Why isn't mmap closing associated file (getting PermissionError: [WinError 32])?] here and an answer quickly expla...
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2017-11-02 22:11 (1) Answers

Linux vs Windows performance

I'm testing some simple benchmarking calculations on Win7 and Linux Ubuntu 16 to compare the timings and being wonder, Win appears to be much faster than Linux. Both Win and Linux x64 hosts the same machine, cpu clocking set equally. I'm using VC201...
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2017-10-28 22:10 (0) Answers

pdcurses installation on Eclipse

I have some troubles in installing this lib. My settings is: Eclipse Version: Neon.3 Release (4.6.3) MinGW-w64 - for 32 and 64 bit Windows I download and I extracted all into a new Eclipse C/C++ project. So in my project I have: mai...
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2017-10-27 13:10 (1) Answers

SVN Client hook script windows

I have bat script on windows, This script will check for an empty log message, This code hook script (bat windows): @echo off :: :: Stops commits that have empty log messages. :: setlocal rem Subversion sends through the path to the repository and...
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2017-10-27 10:10 (1) Answers

Ending a Loop with EOF (without enter)

i am currently trying to end a while loop with something like this: #include <stdio.h> int main() { while(getchar() != EOF) { if( getchar() == EOF ) break; } return 0; } When i press CTRL+D on my Ubuntu,...
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2017-10-26 11:10 (2) Answers

Search function like ctrl + f

Can someone teach me how to create "search/find" function in php/html like we click "ctrl + f" to find word? I tried but it didn't work as expect. Below are my code : <form> <input type="text"placeholder="Search..."required> &l...
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2017-10-26 08:10 (0) Answers

Ruby on Rails tesseract-ocr gem path error

I am using ruby on rails to run some OCR tasks. I am attempting to use the tesseract-ocr gem ( In my Gemfile, if the tesseract-ocr gem is listed as below: gem 'tesseract-ocr' I get the following error: C...
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2017-10-23 15:10 (1) Answers

Disable TortoiseSVN project Monitor

I installed TortoiseSVN on my work laptop (win 7 Ent.) and tried to integrate Tortoise with R-Studio. But because of some known issues (see here), I did not take it further and disabled subversioning on R-Studio. Since then, when I start R-Studio cli...
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2017-10-18 19:10 (0) Answers

*.* in argv[1] in C

Background: Some Windows command-line programs allow to use *.* in their 1st argument: myprogram *.* and will automatically loop on all files of the directory. Some others don't, thus requiring a batch loop: for %%c in ("*.*") do myprogram "%%c...
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2017-10-18 11:10 (0) Answers

Connecting to local virtual machine

I suspect this has an easy solution I'm overlooking, probably to do with the client or how this is set up. Anyways, I'm trying to set up a simple Echo server/client to understand the basics of socket programming. I have a virtual machine running Lin...
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2017-10-17 04:10 (2) Answers

Prevent Win32 from drawing classic title bar

I wanted to add a nice shadow to my borderless form, and the best way I found to do it with minimal performance loss is to use DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea. However, this seems to be causing Windows to draw a classic title bar over the window, but it...
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2017-10-16 20:10 (1) Answers

gem with ability to scroll using ruby on windows

I am looking for the ability to use the scroll wheel on Windows 10 in a ruby script. I was previously using however it looks like this no longer works after Windows 8.1 I am now using
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2017-10-14 22:10 (0) Answers

Error reading characters of string after wcscpy_s

I have a problem with the wcscpy_s function. After wcscpy_s returns the parameter (stringOneand stringTwo) of my function are not readable. Here is simple demo to show the problem. void testFunc(LPCWSTR stringOne, LPCWSTR stringTwo) { wchar_t*...
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2017-10-10 10:10 (2) Answers