Alternate color for listview item UWP

I have a class to color alternate the background of item, but if I delete a item, the background color does not update. Is there a way to refresh the background color after deleting an item? The code for alterante color. class listview: public clas...
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2017-09-09 14:09 (1) Answers

UWP: Create shadow in XAML

I am currently trying to create a circular button with two ellipse-elements in UWP and want one of them to throw a shadow at a certain angle. I found a way to do so in WPF which looks like this: WPF XAML: <Ellipse> <Ellipse.BitmapEffect...
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2017-09-05 12:09 (2) Answers

Global Style in UWP XAML

I have set some styles in the App.xaml <Style TargetType="TextBlock"> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value ="HotPink"/> </Style> This style works on normal controls, but not inside DataTemplates <TextBlock Text="Test">&...
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2017-08-27 15:08 (1) Answers

How to create sharp 1px lines un UWP?

I just found out that uwp cant draw sharp "Black" lines made up of 1px. This is my XAML code: <Line X1="0" X2="100" Y1="10" Y2="10" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="1" /> The attribute SnapsToDevicePixels doesnt seem to exist in uwp so im kin...
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2017-08-12 00:08 (0) Answers

UI Scaling/Settings

I've been working on a UWP application that will initially be deployed only to Surface Pro 4 (Maybe some SP3s) devices but I'm having a real difficult time getting my UI to fit on the screen. Right now my Designer window is set to '12" Tablet (2160...
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2017-05-06 22:05 (1) Answers