Navigation Controller Loop

I'm making an app which has a shopping cart feature. The shopping cart VC is accessible from several VCs via a button on the navigation bar. So far I only have one Navigation Controller and as shown in the image, each VC takes me to the next one, n...
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2017-11-13 22:11 (2) Answers

Redirect becomeFirstResponder to a subview

Is it possible to redirect the becomeFirstResponder from self to a subview? Here is my scenario. I create a new UIWindow, let's call it secWin, object with a UINavigationController, let's call it navCon, as the rootViewController. navCon has a custo...
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2017-10-25 13:10 (1) Answers

Passing data to ViewController

I am struggling with the following issue: I have a ViewController and a separateUIView attached to it which I use instead of storyboard or xib/nib, meaning I took the "drawing views programatically" approach. class MyViewControllerA: UIViewControl...
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2017-10-10 13:10 (2) Answers

UIViewController extension

I'm trying to extend standard UIViewController with some custom methods. #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface UIViewController (UIViewControllerExtension) - (void) showNoHandlerAlertWithTitle:(NSString *)title andMessage: (NSString*)message...
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2017-09-14 13:09 (1) Answers

SpriteKit game fails to load next day on iPhone

I have a game that works great when my iPhone is connected to the SK simulator and for about a day after installing the app from the computer, but after about a day if I try to open it a white screen displays and the app closes immediately before my ...
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2017-08-24 18:08 (2) Answers

how to use Objective-C project in my Swift project

Note: I know How to call Objective-C code from Swift, but I don't know below, I'm new to ios. I want to use this EsptouchForIOS's Demo in my project. The demo is write in OC, it has a storyboard and controller. I want to know how to integrate the de...
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2017-08-04 10:08 (3) Answers

Pass data between 2 ViewControllers

I'm trying to send data from my first ViewController to my second One. It works fine with a simple Int but with this Double it doesn't work and I don't understand why. So if you can explain why it doesn't work it's cool ! My declaration in first V...
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2017-07-21 15:07 (1) Answers