How to control the flow of applications in NodeJS

I'm writing my first application in nodeJS. I'm writing a telegram bot, and i was wondering how to control the flow of the application given it asynchronous nature. I come from a php background where everything was simple, procedural, one after the o...
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2017-05-29 18:05 (2) Answers

synchronous angularjs functions

I have a big problem in making angularjs functions synchronously. I have tried promise and callback but none of them works. initMap().then(function(result){ console.log("in initMap"); getLocation().then(function(result){ console.log...
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2016-07-10 14:07 (1) Answers

C# WPF Machine-Dependent Concurrency Issues

I have a multi-threaded C# WPF application that is a plug-in to a larger software (Princeton Instruments LightField, for those who are interested). My plug-in invokes a synchronous method on a thread separate from the GUI. This method is from a c...
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2016-06-09 00:06 (1) Answers

Dart: Synchronous post request

I would like to send a synchronous POST request from the client-side. According to the documentation we can use the 'async' named parameter: var url = "http://127.0.0....
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2016-05-27 19:05 (2) Answers