create local branch in svn like git

In git when I want to fix something or create new feature I am adding new local branch, apply the changes that need and then merge it to master branch and push it, but I SVN I can't create local branch, apparently when I want new feature branch I ha...
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2017-10-16 08:10 (1) Answers

How many Tortoise SVN directories do I need?

We currently have all our website files located in Tortoise SVN. Right now I have a local directory on my computer. These are "working files" on which I make updates. Then I copy and paste the updated file into SVN folders located on a remote server....
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2017-10-13 15:10 (1) Answers

SVN show diff command confusion

Lets say Bob and Alice created one centralized svn repository. They both have a file in there called b.txt. Alice edited it and committed the copy first. Bob then edited/updated it and realized theres a conflict. He did svn diff command and got this:...
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2017-10-13 06:10 (1) Answers

TortoiseSVN could not begin a transaction

I have just created an svn repository on a remote secure server (You need a user name and a password to access it) using puTTY: svnadmin create repo_name Then, I created a working copy using the import command, and pointing to the repository. The ...
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2017-10-12 15:10 (1) Answers

Jenkins change job's svn path programatically

I am searching for a best practice for switching svn repo paths from many jenkins jobs at once. We have many different jobs which all define an svn path and poll our svn repo every 5 minutes. Normally we build all projects from their trunks (subvers...
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2017-10-11 15:10 (0) Answers

Maven build project after checkout

First off, I am new to maven and I don't really understand many of its concepts so my apologies for any noob mistakes. I am working on a project where I checkout a branch from a local svn repository whose projects are all maven projects. One of thos...
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2017-10-11 00:10 (1) Answers

SVN: Mismatch of log/lock name and login name

Our current SVN repo is on an Ubuntu 14.04.3 that authenticates through an Active Directory domain. The server uses CentrifyDC (express) for AD integration. SVN is through Apache 2.4.7, WebDAV/SVN. Authenticated with ldap from the AD. The issue is ...
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2017-10-10 23:10 (1) Answers

Map pegged svn:external back to sha1 git

Our source code is located on an svn server where we have various svn:externals pointing both to other svn repositories as well as other git repositories. Now, one of the externals points to a specific revision from a git repository. The syntax that...
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2017-10-10 16:10 (1) Answers

WebSVN does not show repositories

I am migrating a svn server from CentOS 5 to a CentOS 7 Server. What I did is very simple. I have installed subversion and websvn with yum package manager. I have followed following document to create svn dumps and to set up svn on CentOS 7: https:...
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2017-10-10 09:10 (1) Answers

Sporadic SVN checkout failure

I am experencing ramdon checkout failures with a repository that I just created using filtered dumps from another repo. I am accessing it via Apache WebDAV. Roughly speaking, there is a 25% chance that a fresh checkout can fail, with either of the t...
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2017-10-09 19:10 (1) Answers

SVN merge produces duplicate code

On a project I am currently working, we have come across two cases recently where an SVN merge produced duplicate code in the resulting file. In at least one case, the code was copied and pasted from one branch to another, and then the second branch ...
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2017-10-09 16:10 (0) Answers

Jenkins Folders and Children DevBranch and Trunk

Hello Jenkins users my typical \trunk build contains about 157 visual studio .sln files. They are built using msbuild. So how to create a variable build folder for a newly created branch. The only variance being the checkout location within svn? i s...
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2017-10-07 20:10 (0) Answers

Batch Script to Loop through SVN changed files

So I have a post-commit hook which triggers a build on our Jenkins server. Everything is working, except when I try and loop through the changed files in an SVN repo. The issue is that the commit actually hangs, if I comment out the loop, where the c...
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2017-10-06 13:10 (1) Answers

How two version of code exists in SVN?

I'm new to svn and trying to understand it's concepts. But I'm struggling to understand this logic. Lets say I'm working on one project and In that project there are three developers and all are working on their split work. So for that we have creat...
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2017-10-06 05:10 (1) Answers

SVN revprop in git-svn

I have repository in SVN (due to some business reasons I cannot switch fully to git) but I locally prefer to use git with git-svn. But because of CI configuration I need to set custom revprops during commit svn ci --with-revprop ARG=value It seams...
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2017-10-06 00:10 (1) Answers

SVN Commit issue is "not under version control"

In my ongoing project i have delete image file from image assets. And add another image file with same name. So it display modification in "Contents.json" in mac application "Versions". While try to commit from command line, it shows me error like.....
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2017-10-05 13:10 (2) Answers