RenderLoop vs Stage when using Juggler in StageXL

I am really new to StageXL, so still struggling with the basic concepts. I have the following code from Stagehand web-stagexl: import 'dart:async'; import 'dart:html' as html; import 'package:stagexl/stagexl.dart'; import 'dart:math'; Future<Nu...
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2017-12-03 22:12 (1) Answers

Trying to use StageXl library in dart failing

my main.dart file looks like this: import 'dart:html'; import 'package:stagexl/stagexl.dart' as stageXL; void main() { CanvasElement canvas = querySelector("#canvas"); stageXL.Stage stage = new stageXL.Stage(canvas, width: 300, height: 400); ...
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2017-07-31 00:07 (0) Answers

How create loop tween?

I'm using stagexl (on dart lang) for my game. I tried find in api how restart tween after it will be complete, but could not. Can you help me? Thnx. ...
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2016-07-21 07:07 (1) Answers