How to map .json to .html url in spring mvc

I am working on a Spring 4.2 MVC application. Here I am trying to invoke a .html extention url that is supposed to return json data. The problem is that I am getting a org.springframework.web.HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException when controller invoke...
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2017-10-16 09:10 (3) Answers

Convert Map<String, Object> to List<JSONObjects>

I have a function that makes a call to the bamboo rest ap and retreives build results. The method than only retreives the failed tests and put them into a HashMap to than send it to a web app and process it. public Map<String, Object> retriev...
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2017-10-13 13:10 (0) Answers

Jpa entity relationship caused endless loop

I am using spring data jpa to build my project. There is a User entity and a Biz entity. @ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY,cascade = CascadeType.ALL) @JoinColumn(name = "user_id") private UserInformation belongUser;//所属用户 This code above is ...
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2017-10-12 04:10 (2) Answers

Make application layer loosely coupled

I have a Java Spring-boot application which has layers(packages): Controller(controller class) Service (business logic) Domain (database layer) Inside My Domain I have two database classes MysqlDBManager MongoDBManager I have many classes ...
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2017-10-10 09:10 (2) Answers

Date timezone with Spring boot and Jackson

I'm developing a spring boot application that handles dates. When I submit an Appointment object that has a startDateTime and an endDateTime (Both are of type java.util.Date) I send a format like this: { "lastName": "Jhon", "firstName": "Doe...
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2017-10-09 21:10 (1) Answers

Spring Expression Language + fasterxml

Problem is: Given a spring application with spring security and fasterxml, i need to return from a restcontroller a Role-Based filtered Json . given a bean like this public class Foo { private String name; private String url; public ...
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2017-10-04 18:10 (0) Answers

Accessing Spring MVC Model Object in AngularJS

I have a Spring MVC web form built using JAVA Spring MVC (Backend) and AngularJS (frontend), JSP(for view) and MySQL DB. A user is able to submit the form after filling it out and search an existing entry. An email is also sent out to the user once t...
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2017-09-28 02:09 (2) Answers