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I have a website: ‘’. The site has been live for 5 months. Unfortunately, when I type ‘how do you live’ into google my site does not show up in the result. only unrelated results show up. However, when I type it as one word
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2017-11-11 20:11 (0) Answers

Change the action name to slug in yii

I want to make YII controller and action name SEO friendly for my website. e.g. I have this URL http://localhost/my_website/AboutUs/OurHistory. Where AboutUs is the controller and OurHistory is the action. Now, I want to change it to -> http://localh...
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2017-11-11 10:11 (0) Answers

Prestashop redirection issue on other domain

I have uploaded local to live server for prestashop project and there are two shop in this. This is the first shop This is the second shop Issue is that second url goes to another site instead of my theme....
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2017-11-11 06:11 (0) Answers

best practice to redirect a testing domain

here is a SEO issue we have come to after two months of developing a new version of our website. we have been working on a testing server with our new site version and we have attached a testing domain name for testing purposes with external tools l...
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2017-11-10 21:11 (1) Answers

"Invented" URL Parameters

This is a question on the best action to take when Google is indexing pages that don't really exist. I have a pretty simple pagination system on a set of news pages where the file is referenced news.php?page=X In my Google sitemap I specify the tot...
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2017-11-10 18:11 (0) Answers

Visitors Log-Referral urls

Recently someone cloned my website.I have found the clone already.Now in the log, I can see he is referring to my original website but such links don't even exist on my website example of the log file: IP:,
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2017-11-10 15:11 (0) Answers

Can PHP url with get parameter harm SEO?

I am using geoplugin for ip location of countries to show currency in rupees and dollar. But still sometimes for indian ip address page shows currency in dollar, for which i am using get parameter in url for country. I am not publishing this get para...
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2017-11-09 07:11 (1) Answers

how to deal with urls containing underscores

I know that hyphnes are preferred to underscores, and I could do a 301 redirect. But some say it's not worth the chaos to change them and I pretty much agree. So, my urls look like this:
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2017-11-08 10:11 (0) Answers

Making dynamic content searchable in Google

I have created a review widget, which will help a page owner generate content from visitors reviews and questions. I have to make this content searchable on any search engine. So that it helps in increasing the page owner's site traffic. I have no c...
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2017-11-06 17:11 (0) Answers

Hreflang or Canonical for ccTLDs

I had question regarding ccTLDs, lets say, I have domain = but I found some one is copying my posts and paste at his domains at the same time, which seems to ccTLDs like, (these are not my domains) Additionally, we ...
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2017-11-06 14:11 (1) Answers

Error when calling robots.txt file from Server

I have an MVC Web App on ASP.NET 4.7 I am trying to create a route for the robots.txt file. I using the approach that I found here( Robots.txt file in MVC.NET 4 ) by adding the nessary action to the HomeController. I have also added the nessecary han...
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2017-11-04 22:11 (0) Answers

redirect to mobile version seo issue

I recently made a mobile version for my website (before i used css media query). Now if users use mobile it detect and redirect with this codes: Dim userAgent As String = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT") If String.IsNullOrEmpty(userAgent) ...
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2017-11-04 08:11 (0) Answers

Making dynamic reviews indexable

I have created a review widget, which will help a page owner generate content from visitors reviews and questions. I have to make this content searchable on any search engine. So that it helps in increasing the page owner's site traffic. I have no c...
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2017-11-02 19:11 (0) Answers

Seo Friendly Url in Mvc

This is my routes at RegisterRoutes public class VehicleController : RenderMvcController { // GET: Contact public ActionResult Index(int pid, string seoName) { return View(); } } my hyperlink is ...
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2017-11-02 12:11 (1) Answers

Foundation interchange vs PageSpeed Insight

I started to use Foundation Zurb mainly because of their interchange plugin that can swap image based on media-query. I got big banner on top of page that change its size based on mq. We can use it this way <img src="assets/img/interchange/small...
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2017-11-01 00:11 (0) Answers

async JS inside PHP & Wordpress

I have a Wordpress page Template, with custom queries to get all the child pages of a specific page with pagination. Here it is: <div id="content" class="content-area page-wrapper dc-coinsList" role="main"> <div class="section-container ...
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2017-10-31 19:10 (0) Answers

Subdomain Root $SERVER_ROOT vs. public_html

by default, the hosting that I bought is issuing a folder within the $SERVER_ROOT (same level as public_html), but I've seen online that most of the sub-domains are created "inside" public_html. I've tried both ways and they work with no problem. I ...
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2017-10-31 04:10 (0) Answers

robots.txt url blocking

I am trying to set up robot.txt for a webpage but the disallow wont work when test it want to block a thank you page using the code Disallow: /index.php/contact-thank-page/ an...
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2017-10-29 15:10 (1) Answers

Getting unspecified type in Structured data

I am using structured data for my site but when I test my site in structured data tool I repeatedly get the error called Unspecified type But this type should be appeared as 'Disease'.I tried adding this in type in head tag buut still no luck can...
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2017-10-28 13:10 (0) Answers

Website Schema mark on wordpress

I recently installed plugin on Wordpress to pull in Product, Contact, Testimonial. I want it to look something like this I want it to look like this and I enable everything on the WordPress pluginenable everything like below But nothing ...
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2017-10-27 23:10 (0) Answers