Using Local Storage on For-Loop

I'm new to JavaScript and i'm trying to create a code where for each checkbox item checked, a point is added to the id=result THEN the result is saved in local storage. Problem is, it won't save the generated result. <script> function score()...
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2017-12-02 08:12 (1) Answers

Exception Thrown by CrudRepository save method

I am using CrudRepository save method to persist Profile Object in my Spring boot project as below: public Profile getProfile(String profileId, String email){ Profile profile = null; MyClass myObj=new MyClass(); Profile...
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2017-12-01 07:12 (0) Answers

Adobe DC - Save As using JavaScript

This is my first attempt at using Javascript... I am attempting to create a Save As button on a form that will: Create a file name based on fields; Save to a specific folder (And if it doesn't exist then create folder); Bring up the "Sa...
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2017-12-01 05:12 (1) Answers

libgdx: using preferences causes lags

When i use preferences to save data in libgdx project: game freez for 2-3 secs at GameOver (moment that most prefs keys had been saved) after long time playing game starts to lag even in game process If i reduce amount of keys - game works fine ...
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2017-11-28 12:11 (0) Answers

CMD - How to send-enter-key-via-bat-file?

Hello nice friends, I try again to explain the problem: i have this link: this link open a CSV file and browser ask me for save as. I want to do the all progress automatic. go to URL wait for the...
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2017-11-28 11:11 (0) Answers

Writing CSV file VB.NET

i'm just having troubles with a CSV file saving code in VB.NET I'm trying to save a CSV file that will be read in a DataGridView. I just made the "reading" code, it works perfectly! What's wrong with saving of the file? Public Class Builder Sub Cr...
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2017-11-26 20:11 (1) Answers

Saving data from javascript button

I have simple button on my page and I want to ask - What is the best way to save or count every click on this button? - Is it text file? Is it some internet server? I am very new to JS, thanks. - demo is here: var el = document.getElementById('...
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2017-11-26 20:11 (1) Answers

Form of saving an image in Qt

I'm designing a GUI in Qt and I need to use a form to save an image. The user would be able to save a file in any location (a simple save form that we see under Save as...). How can make a save-as form in Qt? thanks! ...
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2017-11-24 09:11 (1) Answers

How to save data included report?

I want to keep an array of information like: Date: 11/20/2017, Time: 1:39 PM Category: Clothing, subcategory: shirt and price $ 9.90. And each time to insert more arrays through the app. I thought of using sharedpreferences but I could only insert 2...
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2017-11-23 17:11 (0) Answers

how to Save Cache in UIwebview?

i want the webview to save cache to use later for the fast web load , this webview code that is written in swift 3 can you help me with that import UIKit class FirstViewController: UIViewController { @IBOutlet var webfirst: UIWebView! overrid...
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2017-11-23 16:11 (0) Answers

PHP Delete, Edit, Save Post

I have queried my database and I have ID of a post as follows: <?php //Database query code is here. $post_id = $row['id']; ?> I have added a form with buttons to each post so that when clicked, a corresponding function in the action.php fi...
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2017-11-22 20:11 (3) Answers

Disable Save As but not Save in Word 2010

I am looking to disable Save As in a Word 2010 file but still allow save. In other words I want users to be able to update the existing file but not create copies. I realize that this is impossible to truly do for people who know workarounds but for ...
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2017-11-22 00:11 (1) Answers

VBA Excel Macro save as part of cell with date

I have the following VBA code saving workbook1 sheets to a folder where workbook1 file is saved. Example: workbook1 has 31 sheets. The code saves each sheet to a new workbook with the same name as the sheet. (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc). Sub SaveShtsAsBook...
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2017-11-21 00:11 (2) Answers

Saving to EPS not supported in Python Pillow?

I am trying to convert an image from PNG to EPS using Pillow. The following code gives an error: from PIL import Image"Image1.png").save("Image1.eps", fmt='EPS') Which reads: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/pbreac...
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2017-11-20 18:11 (0) Answers

Wordpress - save data from own plugin

My own wordpress plugin generates this data of a file: filename|creator|date This is my filename|Max Mustermann|20.11.2017 This is my filename|Anne Mustermann|26.11.2017 This is my filename|Alex Mustermann|27.11.2017 How is wordpress ...
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2017-11-20 12:11 (1) Answers

How to save input texture in gstreamer plugin

I've written a gstreamer plugin. It is based on GstGLFilter. I want to save the input texture in the function "filter_texture". This saved texture will be operated with the next input texture. How can I save the input texture? ...
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2017-11-20 04:11 (0) Answers