Xcode Memory Graph Debugging Icon not showing

I've recently started working on an existing objc project and wanted to check the memory graph debugging tool. As I started a debugger with the app I realised it doesn't show in the debugging tools. I tried it with another project (created a new sw...
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2017-12-01 11:12 (0) Answers

Unity Controlling StatusBar on iPhone X

I have a game, in which all earlier versions of iPhone (3 - 8) is build without the Statusbar, but now with the iPhone X, after altering my UI to fit the iPhone X screen has 2 blank spots in the top. Instead of leaving them blank, it would be nice ...
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2017-11-27 20:11 (0) Answers

UI freezes on executing NSBatchDeleteRequest

NSFetchRequest *request = [Report fetchRequest]; request.predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"reportId IN %@",self.selectedRowsInEditMode]; NSBatchDeleteRequest *deleteDetailsRequest = [[NSBatchDeleteRequest alloc] initWithFetchRequest:re...
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2017-11-27 18:11 (2) Answers

ld: framework not found libpq

Im making a iOS app and have to connect to a PostgreSQL database without web service (connect directly with the database). I started my journey from here: How to connect to postgresql from ios9 Simply, it says to follow this steps: Go find a libpq...
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2017-11-27 15:11 (1) Answers

iPhone Vibration Control

I'm trying to write an app that alerts users based on number of vibrations. There are 8 possible vibrations... Each mean something else, they are in the format of from 1 to 8 consecutive vibrations... Jist is: I need to know how I can vibrate the ph...
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2017-11-26 07:11 (0) Answers

trying to create a basic drawing app

This seemed simple enough: - (void)touchesBegan: (CGPoint)point { [path moveToPoint:point]; } - (void)touchesMoved: (CGPoint)point { [path addLineToPoint: point]; // (4) [self setNeedsDisplay]; } - (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect { ...
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2017-11-25 06:11 (0) Answers

iOS websocket memory issue in React Native

We're experiencing a memory leak when using the websocket blob implementation in React Native, and can't quite locate the issue. Using Xcode Instruments we can see that the issue most likely happens in the way the framework handles binary messages i...
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2017-11-20 16:11 (1) Answers

attempting to color in a UIImageView

I'm trying to "color" in a UIImageView of mine. I'd like to draw a POINT everytime I call this function. UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(self.sheetTest.frame.size); [self.sheetTest.image drawInRect:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.sheetTest.frame.size.width, self...
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2017-11-19 23:11 (0) Answers

iPhone vibration X amount of times

Here's my situation. I need my phone to vibrate X amount of times upon a certain trigger. Also, if it is to be interuppted (which I must do sometimes), I need the the x amount of vibrations to finish and then stop vibrating. This is for an app of min...
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2017-11-18 20:11 (0) Answers

Face ID icon covers progress bar of application

The icon of Face ID or Touch ID not disappears immediately after authenticates successfully. The biometrics icon is centered on screen. Also we have progress view/bar in application centered. But when biometrics succeeded it stills on top of progress...
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2017-11-16 21:11 (0) Answers

Can't see japanese keyboard in app

I have added japanese keyboard from settings of iphone. However I am not able to see it or change it in the app by pressing globe icon. Is there is way to add japanese keyboard for my app so that I can write japanese text. I have googled it. However...
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2017-11-16 12:11 (0) Answers