Mongodb c# filter using and or operator

I have json documents in mongodb Sample { "SchemaName": "Intelligence", "SchemaDescription": "WindPower", "SchemaType": "WindPower", "SchemaTypeId": 1, "SchemaData": { "ProjectId": 1, "LastUpdated": "2016-07-02T19:27:28.000+0000", "...
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2017-10-31 14:10 (1) Answers

Git Init for new project

I'm a bit confused on "Git Init." I'm using Cloud9 for my projects. I had a previous project I worked on before that I cloned as a starting point for my new project. I'm currently in the process of pushing this new project to Heroku/Git. I do NOT wan...
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2017-10-30 17:10 (2) Answers

Mongoose - Unable to fetch data in find

I am sending an api request which contains space. I remove the space with decodeURIComponent but still I am getting [] in response. Here is my code router.get('/products/searchproduct/:name', (req, res, next) => { var request = decodeUR...
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2017-10-24 13:10 (0) Answers

findall() function in mongodb?

I have a login collection with phone number, password. A user has two accounts with the same phone number and password. Check the following. I want to find all the details of the user.'/authenticate', function(req, res) { staffM...
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2017-10-23 13:10 (0) Answers

find and sort mongodb items - Nodejs , MongoDB

I am new to development in the MEAN stack. This is the code I am using. Nodejs and MongoDB at backend. I am using MLAB for database. { List.getListModelObject().find({ "specificList": specificList}, function (err, foundData) { if (err) ...
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2017-10-22 17:10 (1) Answers

Mongo C# driver toJson() DateTime

I have data in mongo which is like this: "trd" : ISODate("2003-12-08T00:00:00Z") Now, I am doing getting of data from Mongo as BsonDocument like this: var builder = Builders<BsonDocument>.Filter; var filter = builder.Eq("wsid",...
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2017-10-20 12:10 (1) Answers

Get data from KML file using node.js

Is it possible to get location data from KML file based on the latitude and longitude? When I am using npm node-geocoder that time I am getting a result which Google provided. But here I am having KML file from this file I need to get the result. Ple...
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2017-10-18 07:10 (0) Answers

Mongolite group by/aggregate on JSON object

I have a json document like this on my mongodb collection: Updated document: { "_id" : ObjectId("59da4aef8c5d757027a5a614"), "input" : "hi", "output" : "Hi. How can I help you?", "intent" : "[{\"intent\":\"greeting\",\"confidence\":0.815408945083618...
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2017-10-07 15:10 (1) Answers

MongoDB random results in C# LINQ

I'm using MongoDB's linq driver to get my results from the database mymongocollection.AsQueryable().Where(x => x.Type == 1); Now I'd like to return 20 random records from the above. I've been searching but I can't find a proper way to do this w...
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2017-10-07 06:10 (4) Answers

how to use collation with mongodb and dart?

I need to make insensitive sorting in a find command within mongodb. It is possible with mongodb >= 3.4 using the collation method: db.myCollection.find({city: "new york"}).collation({locale: "en", strength: 2})
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2017-10-05 23:10 (0) Answers

Read large mongodb data

I have a java application that needs to read a large amount of data from MongoDB 3.2 and transfer it to Hadoop. This batch application is run every 4 hours 6 times a day. Data Specifications: Documents: 80000 at a time (every 4 hours) Size : 3gb ...
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2017-09-28 11:09 (1) Answers

MongoDB query find

Hello I am new in MongoDB. I have 6 Objects like this: { "_id" : ObjectId("5957a8eee0f3890011b64b99"), "name" : "Interní šetření spokojenosti zaměstnanců", "client" : ", "version" : "", "date" : ISODate(""), "ip" : "",...
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2017-09-26 23:09 (1) Answers

MongoDb not found in ZF2 controller

I have few controllers in my zf2 project which work perfectly in the browser using apache and via command line. However, I recently installed MongoDb so I can store some data using the driver found in ( My ...
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2017-09-23 11:09 (1) Answers