No rule to make target '%.o'

For unknown reason, GNU Make doesn't do the job for me. I have this MAKE file, I did ensure for every recipe, I use tab, not space. however I look at it, I just couldn't spot anywhere that would cause the error message. OS: Ubuntu 17.10 / GNU Make: ...
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2017-11-29 12:11 (1) Answers

Linux Kernel makefile process explained

In LinuxSrc/Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst under the section for building the kernel exists these 4 steps, can someone explain what each one does? Is it similiar to a ./configure, ./make, ./install? To configure and build the kernel, use: 1.)...
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2017-10-31 19:10 (1) Answers

Eclipse JNI with .java file in package

I am writing a simple demo JNI project in Eclipse to integrate Java and C code. I have installed the CDT plugin for Eclipse to do this. With this project structure I have my HelloJNI java file inside the '(default package)' of Eclipse and have no pro...
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2017-10-17 21:10 (1) Answers

Mac Illegal instruction : 4

I am building AOSP(Android Open Source Project) on MAC from doc and everything works fine although there is some problem which I can google to solve. When I execute make, I got an error: Yacc: aidl <= frameworks/base/tools/aidl/aidl_language_...
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2017-10-09 18:10 (0) Answers

SVN Causing Errors with Make

I have run into an issue where I am able to build a c++ hello world in a folder on my desktop but not able to build the same program inside the working copy of an SVN repository. Here are the details: Here is what I am running in the windows termin...
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2017-10-03 20:10 (1) Answers

Eclipse - Build vs Rebuild (makefile C project)

I have a makefile C project on Eclipse. When looking in the menu under Project > Build Targets there are a few options. These two interest me: Build... Rebuild Last Target The basic question is what does Eclipse to differently in both cases? To ...
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2017-10-03 11:10 (2) Answers

undefined reference when using makefile

I have a given makefile, written by our Professor. ` SHELL = /bin/bash CC = gcc CFLAGS = -Wall -W -std=c99 -pedantic LIBS = # Rajouter le nom des executables apres '=', separes par un espace. # Si une ligne est pleine, rajouter '\' en fin d...
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2017-09-26 04:09 (3) Answers

rm with ampersand in the end and without

This is an interview question I was asked. Say that you have a large script file, used for compiling and cleaning purposes. Also assume that you have folder named folder at the same directory of this file. In addition, in the end of thi...
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2017-07-26 10:07 (3) Answers

Can't install Mongo gem - make failed, exit code 1

I've installed Ruby 2.4.0 on Windows via the RubyInstaller. Ruby works fine and I've been able to install all the gems I've wanted so far. But I'm having issues installing the mongo gem. When I do gem install mongo --no-rdoc --no-ri I get the follo...
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2017-07-19 12:07 (1) Answers

Cannot install RUBY Gem Twitter on MAC OS

I have a problem trying to install the gem twitter on MAC OS. I input the command sudo gem install twitter and got the following result : Building native extensions. This could take a while... ERROR: Error installing twitter: ERROR: Failed to ...
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2017-07-12 18:07 (1) Answers

Create Makefile from build configuration

Does Xcode support exporting a build configuration (compiler & linker options and flags) to a Makefile? Or is there a 3rd party implementation available for such task? We do most of our (native code) development with Xcode, but we need to also c...
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2017-06-08 08:06 (1) Answers

make oldconfig error 1

I built my kernel using fedpkg local (which took 6 hours and I hope I don't have to repeat the process) Now when I try to use the command "make oldconfig" it returns with the following error Makefile: 10: recipe for target 'oldconfig' failed make: *...
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2017-06-04 22:06 (0) Answers

Locating "undefined" references in a C/C++ Project

I am building a C++ project on my Ubuntu 64bit system using a provided Makefile, and this project also provides an API library for developers. The compilation was successful, no errors at all, but when I try to include in my files the API libraries ...
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2017-05-30 16:05 (1) Answers

Makefile to compile java in directories

I would like to create makefile that will compile java files which are in specific directory. Here is what I've got: JCC = javac JCR = java JFLAGS = -source 1.6 \ -target 1.6 \ -d out main: folder all all: $(JCC) $(JFLAGS) src/com/...
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2017-05-13 22:05 (1) Answers