iOS11 keyboard issue - incorrect keyboard height

The keyboard shifts a little bit up sometimes, as shown in picture here Firstly, this issue happens only on iOS11 but not on earlier iOS versions. Secondly, this issue happens with every UITextField instance across the app not only in one specific t...
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2017-12-03 23:12 (1) Answers

Properly detect keyboard layout

I have a winforms application where I need to obtain the current keyboard layout of the user. To do that I'm using System.Windows.Forms.InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage.LayoutName. This works fine as long as the user has the form as his active win...
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2017-07-01 01:07 (2) Answers

App crashed at textview.becomeFirstResponder

My app sometimes crashes at the call to textView.becomeFirstResponder(). The error thrown is strange: -[UITextSelectionView keyboardShownWithNotif:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x16899070 Sometimes it's: -[UIImageView keyboardShownWit...
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2017-06-17 08:06 (2) Answers

C# WPF keyboard movement for game

I'm trying to make a small game in c# using wpf. I have my rectangle moving around, the problem I am trying to fix is if you press another key well holding the original key, then release one of them it will go in the direction being held. The code I ...
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2017-02-04 06:02 (2) Answers

WPF TextBox select all on Tab focus

I'm trying to select all the text when the focus is done with the Tab key. But I'm not able to find the right solution. Now I'm using the GotFocusEvent but now when i click with the mouse it raises the event. The code that I'm using now is: EventM...
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2016-05-31 12:05 (2) Answers