Handling API json

{ "token_type": "bearer", "stripe_publishable_key": "{PUBLISHABLE_KEY}", "scope": "read_write", "livemode": false, "stripe_user_id": "{ACCOUNT_ID}", "refresh_token": "{REFRESH_TOKEN}", "access_token": "{ACCESS_TOKEN}", } I am working ...
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2017-10-14 22:10 (0) Answers

Select as JSON joined tables

I would like to select data from 2 tables into one json string. First table should list all linked tables from second table like First table: SELECT [orderNumber], [tcpState] FROM [Tracking] Second table: SELECT [startdate], [enddate], [tcpStat...
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2017-10-14 21:10 (1) Answers

Read Data from Firebase To swift

This is my JSON file in FireBase looks like: enter image description here and i try to look in Firebase tutorial in Firebase Web but it dosent work for me: enter image description here ...
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2017-10-14 20:10 (2) Answers

Render complex json and filtering

Trying to implement a select box with filtering I've got some performance problems (initial loading time is not acceptable - especially in IE) rendering a heavy complex (about 30 categories, each category contains about 30 subjects, each subject hold...
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2017-10-14 18:10 (0) Answers

Parse map by JSON.stringify

I have some object with map data and I need to convert it to JSON. I am using JSON.stringify() method, but after conversion I am getting next result: {"someval":1,"someval2":"blabla","my_map":["{\"email\":\"test@gmail.com\",\"fullName\":\"username\"...
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2017-10-14 15:10 (2) Answers

Angular2 - Looping out result from PHP/Json

Okey, so I am a Angular n00b. I have went through some guides on how to solve this problem, but I feel like I need some guidance from you after all. I have managed to create this: A (click)="checkForList()" on a button sends a http.get-request to m...
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2017-10-14 12:10 (1) Answers

Issue with Deserialization with JSON with C#

I have looked over example after example after example and none of my attempts have worked. I'm attempting to deserialize this JSON return: { "status": "success", "data": { "result": "match", "id_user": 26564, "dob_match": null, ...
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2017-10-13 21:10 (3) Answers

Node.js update client-accessible JSON file

A beginner's question as I am new to web programming. I am using the MEAN stack and writing a JSON file within the server in order to make some weather information available to any connected clients. I am updating the JSON file every hour using the ...
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2017-10-13 15:10 (1) Answers

Convert Map<String, Object> to List<JSONObjects>

I have a function that makes a call to the bamboo rest ap and retreives build results. The method than only retreives the failed tests and put them into a HashMap to than send it to a web app and process it. public Map<String, Object> retriev...
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2017-10-13 13:10 (0) Answers

Find if an JSON Value contains certain text

I'm not sure if this is possible, because I have not found anything on this.. I am going through a JSON object.. {"name": "zack", "message": "hello", "time": "US 15:00:00"}, {"name": "zack", "message": "hello", "time": "US 00:00:00"} Is there...
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2017-10-13 07:10 (4) Answers

How to configure JSON for graphql query?

I am trying to send queries to a Shopify site using the Storefront API provided. The API in question requires I use GraphQL, which is just JSON POSTed to a url endpoint. Given a query like this: query { shop{ products(first: 2) { edges {...
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2017-10-12 23:10 (1) Answers

curl with json array

The first command works and the second doesn't. What do I need to change to allow the json array to work? Thank you in advance. command #1: curl -d '{"uid":"TEST", "object":"TEST"}' \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -X POST ...
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2017-10-12 19:10 (1) Answers

ruby json get values from array

I have a this json that has a arrays in it. How can i get : - full_text, - picture link : media_url_https from media and from extended_entities - url from entities in urls - lang [{ "created_at": "Thu Oct 12 14:42:03 +0000 2017", "id": 918486...
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2017-10-12 18:10 (1) Answers

Defining correct YAML format from JSON

I am using swagger from creating API documentation and I am facing problem in correct format of YAML from JSON file. my JSON file: { "oject": { "OTime": "2017-10-12 06:31:02.793", "PTime": "2017-10-12 16:15:00.000", "sum": 3...
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2017-10-12 18:10 (0) Answers

Finding null records for Json return string

I have created a WEB API using MySQL DB. On the basis of data I am sending YES or NO. How API is working? I am passing a meter serial number and a date time. The API receives both of them. +- The minutes in time and display all the records within...
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2017-10-12 13:10 (1) Answers

iterate over JSON array in react-native

I've come across a problem working in react native. I've parsed a JSON object and need to iterate over an array nested inside it.I want to get all profiles objects in a list. i tried with the below code but its not fetching profiles object .how to p...
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2017-10-12 07:10 (1) Answers

Jpa entity relationship caused endless loop

I am using spring data jpa to build my project. There is a User entity and a Biz entity. @ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY,cascade = CascadeType.ALL) @JoinColumn(name = "user_id") private UserInformation belongUser;//所属用户 This code above is ...
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2017-10-12 04:10 (2) Answers

Bash JSON string into variable

my idea is to put json string into variable JSON, i have a command whom takes a console login to user in AWS IAM, the comand is : aws iam create-login-profile --cli-input-json file://create-login-profile.json in create-login-profile.json is the jso...
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2017-10-11 14:10 (1) Answers

Highcharts Mysql Json arrays PHP

I am trying to get the right Json output for my highchart scatter plot, see example. Json output that i want: [{ "name": "Female", "color": "red", "data": [{ "name": "Anna", "x": 161.2, "y...
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2017-10-11 13:10 (1) Answers

Pass decoded JSON to the view with Phoenix

I'm using HTTPoison and Poison to decode a json response to the view. I'm successful decoding the response body, but I'm struggling to get it to the view. I'm getting this error: cannot encode maps inside lists when the map has 0 or more than 1 eleme...
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2017-10-11 02:10 (1) Answers

Jackson JSON / XML root elements are not the same

First, note that my issue is very similar to: Jackson xml and json root element but differs only slightly where I only want a single root element for JSON. Here is my UserList class: @XmlRootElement(name = "users") @JsonRootName(value = "users") @...
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