Xcode 9 - iOS 11 Device Log Private

I am having problems installing an app I have written via an MDM. The only error shown on screen is: "Unable to download app" Connecting my device to my Mac and looking at the Device Log while installing gives me the following lines: Nov 30 15:08:...
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2017-11-30 16:11 (0) Answers

Why wont SASS install on my mac?

I am trying to install SASS on my mac, and am having a lot of issues. So the first time it didn't work, I figured out that i had to run this command "xcode-select --install". That worked, and installed. But when I went to install SASS using "sudo gem...
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2017-11-29 20:11 (1) Answers

How can I install this gem?

I have tried to install this gem from github with the command git but the console doesn't recognize it as a command. Any other alternative ways to install it? link: https://github.com/xofred/deviantart-gallery-downloader Thanks in advance. ...
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2017-10-10 05:10 (2) Answers

Tar extract clobbering

I'm trying to create a simple install package that doesn't require dpkg/apt/rpm. In doing this, I've created an archive that looks a bit like this: / etc init.d myservice usr local myservice somefiles When I try and untar this a...
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2017-08-30 04:08 (1) Answers

Where does Eclipse install Android SDK?

I installed Android SDK on Eclipse through usual Help-->Install New Software--> add site sequence, but after the installation process relaunched Eclipse, it gives an error - Location of Android SDK has not been setup in preferences , and I don't kno...
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2017-08-13 15:08 (0) Answers

How to run Bundle after installing?

I have done gem install bundle inside my directory that I have a git repository. But now when I try to run it with bundle run bundle bundle install it says: Could not locate Gemfile. How would I check that it has installed ? ...
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2017-08-05 01:08 (1) Answers

pub error installing http

Trying to install the http package, the latest of which is version 0.11.3+13, and found here When I put it in my pubspec.yaml in my project, I get this: Package http has no versions that match >=0.11.3+13 <0.12.0 derived from: - observables...
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2017-04-20 18:04 (1) Answers

Linux pip package installation error

I am using python 2.7 and trying to install scrapy using pip but get this: Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip/basecommand.py", line 215, in main status = self.run(options, args) File...
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2017-04-13 21:04 (2) Answers

How to install smlnj in arch linux?

Earlier I was in Ubuntu & it was easy to install smlnj using apt-get install smlnj but now I shifted to Arch & I'm finding it difficult to install smlnj. I tried to find smlnj package through yaourt but I didn't found any. Then I tried to i...
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2017-03-28 20:03 (1) Answers

Executing sudo make install in Eclipse CDT?

I'm contributing to OpenCV using Eclipse Neon. I edited the Build command in Project->Proprieties->C/C++ Build->Build command as sudo make -j8 install, so when I build the project, Eclipse compiles OpenCV and then install it in my system. However,...
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2017-01-30 19:01 (1) Answers

Mayan EDMS install, seems ok, but not working

I follow the steps on the below link, and build it on my ubuntu cloud, it seems ok, but not working on my browser. https://mayan.readthedocs.io/en/v2.1.4/topics/installation.html no matter on local: or on my cloud server: h...
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2016-11-14 17:11 (1) Answers

Ruby set default package version

I have 2 json gem version: 1.8.1 and 1.8.0. The 1.8.1 is the default version and i need to remove it and set the 1.8.0 as default version. This is the gem list output: ... json (default: 1.8.1, 1.8.0) ... I tryed to execute sudo gem uninstall jso...
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2016-10-11 19:10 (1) Answers

Ruby 1.8.5 I can't install any gem

When I tried to install any gem like, for example, json gem install json -V it show message like this GET 301 Moved Permanently: http://gems.rubyforge.org/latest_specs.4.8.gz GET 302 Moved Temporarily: https://rubygems.org/latest_specs.4.8.gz GET 20...
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2016-09-17 18:09 (0) Answers

Cannot bundle install after cloning

I've been having problems running bundle install on my console every time I clone a project. But I face no problems running bundle install if I make my own project. Anyone know what's up? Fetching gem metadata from http://rubygems.org/ Fetching ver...
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2016-07-08 17:07 (2) Answers

Installing Homebrew on Macbook running El Capitan

When I run this command: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" I get the following error: It appears Homebrew is already installed. If your intent is to reinstall you should do the following b...
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2016-06-26 05:06 (2) Answers

Rest-Client will not install for Ruby

I am trying to run a Ruby app with the rest-client gem install. I keep getting the error message: C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby2.1.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0/gems/rest-client-1.8.0/lib/restclient/windows/root_certs.rb:2:in `require': cannot load such file -- ff...
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2016-06-02 16:06 (1) Answers

Where is the "Gemfile" in Ruby?

I often see in documentation on the Internet, "put this in the Gemfile". I don't know where and what this "Gemfile" is. If I install a gem then I have installed it. Who need than a "Gemfile"? Where or what is the Gemfile, and why is it used? ...
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2016-05-30 15:05 (3) Answers