How can I pull twice in the git?

I pulled the project once by this code: $ git pull origin master And I removed the whole project (except .git directory) by hand. Now I want to get the project again. When I pull it again, it says: $ git pull origin master From https://bitbucket....
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2017-07-22 11:07 (3) Answers

Automated concurrent git push

I'd like to setup one simple repository which would contain output from different projects, compiled on Travis CI. What I can't figure out is the easiest way how to safely push to the repository from the Travis console. If there are two projects bui...
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2017-03-12 05:03 (1) Answers

Git pull from someone else's fork

We are two students working on our online repository (different repo) that is forked from a common upstream repo. Let's say other student made Changes, Commits and Pushed to his repo on a specific branch. How do I pull these changes into my own ...
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2017-02-10 11:02 (3) Answers

Using RStudio to Make Pull Requests in Git

My enterprise has a Git repository. To make changes, I have to make changes in my forked repository and then make a pull request. I primarily use RStudio, so I have enabled its integration with Git. I can make changes to my forked repository and t...
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2017-01-17 03:01 (1) Answers

Rebasing after a Pull request

I have a feature branch test. I made my changes and committed my changes to that branch. Meanwhile my master tip was changed (Assume it had more commits from other developers). Before pushing my changes to my remote branch, I did a git rebase and th...
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2016-10-12 20:10 (1) Answers

How to force pull before push

Every time I want to push my commits (git commit -m "message", git push origin <branch>), I do a pull (git pull origin <branch>). Is there any way to make git do a pull before performing my push? (on the same branch) ...
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2016-09-13 10:09 (2) Answers

How to fetch submodules in github

I have used the following commands but submodules are not fetched :( git remote add upstream git fetch upstream git merge upstream/master git submodule foreach git pull upstream master However the ...
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2016-07-30 13:07 (1) Answers

git pull shows "destructing" messages

I did a git pull today and got the following: $ git pull remote: Counting objects: 8, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (8/8), done. remote: Total 8 (delta 6), reused 0 (delta 0) Unpacking objects: 100% (8/8), done. From[...] ...
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2016-06-30 11:06 (0) Answers

How to resolve error in git pull from bitbucket?

Getting following error when making pull request on bitbucket. The project is written in python-django framework. remote: Counting objects: 3703, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3030/3030), done. error: RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed w...
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2016-06-25 10:06 (1) Answers