Find and Replace keeps crashing

I am using a Find and Replace, simple VBA code as below: Sub MultiFindNReplace() 'Update 20140722 Dim Rng As Range Dim InputRng As Range, ReplaceRng As Range xTitleId = "KutoolsforExcel" Set InputRng = Application.Selection Set InputRng = Applicatio...
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2017-12-03 23:12 (1) Answers

Find Rightmost Used Column in Excel with VBA

I am having trouble with something that I think should be quite simple and I can't figure out why it isn't giving me the result I want. I have an Excel worksheet sht_Attributes that is laid out as below: I want to get the last (farthest right) cel...
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2017-11-30 16:11 (0) Answers

Array Formula Confusion

I am struggling with an array formula, that logically seems sound, however it doesn't appear to be working correctly. I have been working on a complex sheet, that is not to include VBA, which has made it formula heavy, and using arrays instead. In ...
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2017-11-28 11:11 (2) Answers

.NET export to excel - child rows not displayed

In my application, I let the user export some data from the view on a button click. The code bellow exports an excel file. The problem is that I can't figure it out how to display the models list of objects. var grid = new GridView()...
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2017-11-26 14:11 (0) Answers

Search and return multiple text strings in Excel

I have a list of cells in Excel, all in column I. Each of the cells has a list of countries and/or regions. I would like to build a formula that will search the text in the cells in column I for specific strings and return those same strings in the ...
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2017-11-21 17:11 (2) Answers

Excel - How to find unique count with 2 criteria

Please assist. I want to count unique names in 'Sheet1!B:B'. It should only count those unique names that have 'Project A' or 'Project B in 'Sheet1!D:D'. If possible, I would like to do it with a formula instead of using VBA. Tried some formulas fro...
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2017-11-21 15:11 (0) Answers

VBA Excel Macro save as part of cell with date

I have the following VBA code saving workbook1 sheets to a folder where workbook1 file is saved. Example: workbook1 has 31 sheets. The code saves each sheet to a new workbook with the same name as the sheet. (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc). Sub SaveShtsAsBook...
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2017-11-21 00:11 (2) Answers

Excel Import XML specific Nodes

I try to import some specific XML Nodes into Excel 2010. But i get some Errors. I want create a table with the content from the XML Node "Item" to make it easier to read. But there are some Problems the Error wich is defined later and that i dont wor...
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2017-11-13 10:11 (0) Answers

Read excel file and update adding a new row

I'm a beginner in java and I'm trying to do a little java program that read an excel file, and update the file adding a new row at the end. Then read again and update with a new row ecc, ecc.. This is the file I read (boh.xls): click here to see t...
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2017-11-12 23:11 (1) Answers

Result of SSIS Merge Join

I have two data sources - Document and Customer and I want to join them, creating rows that that information both from documents and customer, having the customer_code as key. Finally, I get only 58 out of 30k results that I expected. Where is the...
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2017-11-12 19:11 (1) Answers

Excel find cells that partially contain a number

I Would like to return a value if a cell partially contains a number: Example: Range: A1 = 90003 B Search value: B1 = 90003 Return: (This is what I want) C1 = Yes I have tried something like =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(A1,B1)), "Yes", "No") But thi...
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2017-11-10 08:11 (1) Answers

SSIS Excel File issue - Failure creating file

I have SSIS package that grabs excel file and load it to sql table .i get the following error when i run it. I have tried to make run on 64 bit to false. That did not work i also have installed 64 bit access driver engin . That did not help either....
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2017-11-09 22:11 (1) Answers

Excel VBA - Find on merged cell

I am not able to using VBA find function on a merged cell. If I unmerge that cell, it finds that cell correctly. Is there any solution to this? Private Sub FindTry() Dim oFind As Range With Sheet2 Set oFind = .Cells.Find("/", , xlVa...
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2017-11-09 12:11 (0) Answers

Can Excel's INDEX function return array?

If the data in the range A1:A4 is as follows: Apple Banana Orange Strawberry Then INDEX can be used to individually return any value from that list, e.g. = INDEX(A1:A4,3) Would return Orange. Is there a similar Excel functions or combination o...
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2017-11-08 20:11 (3) Answers

Embedded Excel 16 Window In WPF is not focusable

I try to embed excel 16 (office 365) window inside WPF application. It is working perfect with Win32 api, but for some strange reason, after opening context menu with right button click from embedded excel file, focus can't be set on any cell anymore...
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2017-11-03 15:11 (0) Answers

Count number of times specific text is in an array

I have a list of annoyingly non-standard data, the titles of trouble tickets, that I need to find a way to standardize into categories and then count the number of cells that fall into one of the categories. I have been attempting to use the followin...
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2017-11-02 18:11 (2) Answers

Saving big xlsx files pandas python

I am trying to connect 20 excel files into one and save it to excel. It should be in one sheet. My idea so far was to read all the files into dataframes, concat them and save to excel. After concatening I have a dataframe which shape is (1245226, 20...
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2017-11-02 14:11 (1) Answers

c# Export datagridview values to excel

Any one help me to with this problem, I can't really understand, I'm using this link application for this program, and this problem always appear. Hhere is the link that I'm trying to do
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2017-11-02 03:11 (1) Answers

Database with multiple values for the same ID

I have a database where each entity has a unique ID, but recently all of the entity names were changed (not in the same way) to improve readability. These changes aren't standard across the different names and vary from ID to ID. This has made a lot...
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2017-10-31 22:10 (3) Answers