Sending Godaddy email via Django using python

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2017-11-25 06:11 (0) Answers

Why isn't the CommandParameter being updated?

We've got a WPF app we wrote, using VS 2015. The app has a bug icon in several places throughout the app, which is meant to be used by the user to report a bug. It brings up their email client to send emails to our help ticketing system. (This works ...
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2017-11-06 18:11 (1) Answers

How to test content of a Django email?

I'm new to Django and am trying to use unittest to check if there's some text in an outbound email: class test_send_daily_email(TestCase): def test_success(self): self.assertIn(mail.outbox[0].body, "My email's contents") However, I'm h...
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2017-11-03 07:11 (1) Answers

Find emails on website Java

I want to get all email addresses from website, but Im not finding any because emails there is tag in email like this: "test@<span></span>" I have to use regex expressions. Here is my code to find emails, content is StringBui...
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2017-10-22 17:10 (0) Answers

Email always goes to spam folder

I am trying to send a google login link in email body, but it always marks as spam. The reason which i've found only is, even though the '' also not. When i put account. in start of this; it goes to spam otherwise every...
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2017-09-22 12:09 (1) Answers

Separate email messages are being combined

I am trying to send emails using PHP using data from a database. The issue I am having is that the emails are being combined for each subsequent result match. So if I have 3 users that have the same match criteria, Yes/Yes for example, the first emai...
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2017-09-20 18:09 (2) Answers

Outlook 2010 extension of attachment lost

We do send emails from our app with xls or pdf attachments to our business clients. Although they do receive the email including the attachment, they are very often not able to open the file, neither pdf or xls (Version Excel5). The file extension is...
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2017-09-18 15:09 (0) Answers

C++ Validate Emails Via Substrings

I'm trying to take the profile info(username, email, etc.) from one directory and put it in another. I've been debugging the code for this program, and while there are no errors, the program won't run, saying that the program "has stopped working". ...
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2017-09-12 20:09 (1) Answers

Storing mail server pwd in database

My Laravel application needs to connect to a 3rd party email server using the mail server (SMTP/IMAP) user & pwd settings (which are different than the logged in user & pwd). Each user will have their own user & pwd and when sending/recei...
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2017-09-11 03:09 (0) Answers

Find and Replace Multiple fields?

I am struggling to find a solution for my issue. I have two excel documents, one with fields of "existing email addresses" and the other with "new clients email address" I don't want to send an e-mail to the "existing email addresses" so i need to ...
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2017-09-07 12:09 (1) Answers

Email sending errors in zend framework 3

I am sending mail from my zf3 application. for sending email, i have config/autoload/local.php file config as below - 'email' => array( 'host' => '', 'port' => 587, 'connection_config' => array( ...
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2017-09-05 23:09 (1) Answers

Piping email to PHP app

I have a PHP app that I built using the Slim routing framework. The app needs to send dynamic emails from orders so that users can just respond to those emails and the response goes right back into the app (stored in MySQL). I can easily create the...
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2017-08-15 15:08 (2) Answers

AutoLink won't recognize an email as an email

I have a piece of code that should recognize an email, but doesn't. I think it is because the 'beginning' part of the email address (the part before the @ sign) only has two characters. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried using android:autoLink...
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2017-08-14 15:08 (1) Answers

Inline attachments using

I'm currently using amazon to send emails for a web app I'm building. I'm using the code found at: to send the emails. However I can't see a method to send inline attachments, I have the...
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2017-08-03 12:08 (1) Answers

Send mail from local machine using laravel

I want to send mail from my local machine using laravel 5.4 in a forget password API. But I am getting Swift_TransportException (1/1) Swift_TransportException Expected response code 220 but got code "502", with message "502 Command not implemented...
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2017-07-14 13:07 (0) Answers

SEARCH Outlook inbox using Python

I'm successfully connecting to and reading through my Outlook inbox using some code modified from: Reading e-mails from Outlook with Python through MAPI. What I'd like to do is search my inbox for certain email subjects. I can do this by just looping...
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2017-06-30 22:06 (2) Answers

Gitlab not sending email when accessed by https

A couple of months ago I set up GitLab Community Edition in a Debian 8, and our team is successfully using since then. Currently we are using version 9.3.0. This week our manager said that he wanted to switch the GitLab access to HTTPS, so I I creat...
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2017-06-30 16:06 (0) Answers

Zend framework 2 sending email

I am sending emails to different users but its giving me this error, I don't know what that means $mail = new Message(); $mail->setFrom('', ""); $mail->setBody($htmlString); $mail->add...
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2017-06-19 21:06 (0) Answers

How to listen for emails in Dart?

Exactly what it says on the tin - how do you listen for emails sent to a Gmail account? There's no support for this, apparently - I tried searching for a package on pub, but to no avail - the most relevant thing I could find is mailer, but that only ...
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2017-06-17 09:06 (1) Answers