SVN Add and Commit File in a single Command Line

How can I add and commit a single file in a single command? Currently, I am doing, svn add test.txt svn commit test.txt -m "Added a new file" Is there a way to do this in a single command? I am not trying to use this to add and commit all files,...
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2017-12-01 15:12 (1) Answers

Using an "if" statement with curl in terminal?

I'm using this command to get the response code of a page using curl: curl -s -o /dev/null -w "%{http_code}" '' If the response code is 200, then I want to delete a certain file on my computer. If it isn't 200, nothing shou...
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2017-11-28 20:11 (1) Answers

How get data back out of a (PHP) shell script

I'm running a PHP script in a larger shell script by doing php -f $filename > `basename $filename .php`.html Now I would like to let the script tell me which file extension to use for the output file name. I tried export AW_FILENAME_SUFFIX=".h...
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2017-11-14 19:11 (1) Answers

Issue with shell script called from PHP

TLDR; I have a shell script which works fine when run from the command line, but not if called from within a PHP script (accessed via web). In both cases, the calling user is www-data. The line failing is this: openssl genrsa -des3 -out certs/$PC...
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2017-10-13 16:10 (1) Answers

Making IPA from command line xcode 9

i have many projects embedded in single main project, i am trying to automate the build process. but issue is that i cant make build using command line. Clean project xcodebuild clean -project TestingCommandLine.xcodeproj -configuration Debug -allta...
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2017-10-05 10:10 (0) Answers

Removing lines that don't contain certain text

I have a text file with a large amount of domains in it. I want to remove all domains that aren't one of these extensions: .com .net .org .biz .us I've tried a couple ways, but nothing seems to work. The main issue I'm running into is that certa...
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2017-10-03 21:10 (3) Answers

Killing all processes started by a Bash script

I have a number of bash scripts which are carrying out a lot of similar tasks, and they use some external binary programs. The problem is that the binary programs are often not exiting terminating as they should. Since my scripts run them thousands o...
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2017-10-01 16:10 (1) Answers

Git syntax for pull request on the command line

I see documentation here: But I'm not sure how to apply it to what I'm trying to to do. I pushed to branch called "fix/fixNumberHere" and I want to merge to a branch called "mergeBranch" using a pull request...
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2017-09-29 04:09 (1) Answers

Git - efficient way to add files in commandline

I prefer using my Git commandline, feels like I know what I am doing (or if not, I can only blame myself...). Still, it always feels like git add-ing files is the least efficient thing to do. I do not like the -a option, especially when I really do...
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2017-08-09 09:08 (1) Answers

Calling Ruby method from the command line

I have a program in a file called project1.rb. Inside this file I have a method called check_num(n). I simply want to call that method from the command line or IRB, but I can't figure out how and can't seem to find docs explaining how. Here is what ...
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2017-08-07 02:08 (1) Answers

Command line svn - "Version mismatch" error

When entering svn in the command line I get the response: $ svn svn: E200019: Version mismatch in 'svn_diff' (expecting equality): found 1.9.6, expected 1.9.4 svn: E200019: Version mismatch in 'svn_delta' (expecting equality): found 1.9.6, expected ...
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2017-08-02 12:08 (1) Answers

execute command after every command in bash

I want to print the date after every bash command I run. This could help me understand how much a command took to execute when I am away from keyboard I know I could do `DATE=`date +%d/%m/%Y\ %H:%M:%S` && echo $DATE` to get the date but...
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2017-07-15 23:07 (4) Answers

Get Redis Status Through Ruby

I would like to retrieve the Redis status using a Ruby script, I tried the following commands: redis_status_command, stdeerr, status = Open3.capture3(`redis-cli -h -p 6379 info|grep status`) OR redis_status_command, stdeerr, status = Op...
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2017-07-02 16:07 (1) Answers

Building all code with Go and './...'

According to Ethereum Developers' Guide: You can build all code using the go tool, placing the resulting binary in $GOPATH/bin. go install -v ./... What does ./... do in the context of: go install -v ./... ...
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2017-07-01 07:07 (1) Answers

linux - watch not showing colors through ssh

I have a simple python script that prints text with color, using colorama package. #!/usr/bin/env python from colorama import Fore text = "Test" print(Fore.RED + text) Problem is - when I try to put it into watch command when connected...
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2017-04-18 17:04 (1) Answers