Sending a string from C client to Java server

I'm trying to send a string from my c client to a Java server, after which the server sends a text file to the client. This is the part of client code that sends the string. int n = write(sock_fd,"Ready",5); if (n < 0) printf("ERROR writin...
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2017-09-21 09:09 (1) Answers

Does reading from a socket wait or get EOF?

I'm implementing a simple connection between a client and a server in C. In client side, I'm in a loop, reading from a file; every time BUFFER_SIZE bytes and sending it to the server side (didn't upload error handling). //client side bytesNumInput ...
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2017-02-12 14:02 (2) Answers

JSON with any client and server language

if i choose JSON as data exchange format, can i use any language as server and client sides ? . I'm currently developing a web application(php,JQuery) .My server has endpoints where i get responses in json format. I'm thinking about developing andro...
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2016-12-15 14:12 (2) Answers

Force Authetication Method on Tortoise SVN Client

Im using TortoiseSVN Client 1.9.4. On SVN Server I enabled both authentication options (Windows authentication and basic authentication). On some clients, I can't use Windows authentication, because it's users are in a domain the server can't see. Th...
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2016-09-07 17:09 (1) Answers

Dart: Synchronous post request

I would like to send a synchronous POST request from the client-side. According to the documentation we can use the 'async' named parameter: var url = "http://127.0.0....
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2016-05-27 19:05 (2) Answers