Scanning DeTagtive Tag2 beacon

I tried to scan deTAGtive Tag2 beacons Using android Bluetooth scan. But I am not getting UUID in response. I attached beacon image , Can anybody have a solution for this? ...
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2017-10-09 06:10 (0) Answers

DeviceInformation PairAsync not working in WPF

I'm doing pairing test with code below in WPF app, but it always failed with Failed status . To use BluetoothLe library I just added reference (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\UnionMetadata\Windows.winmd) if (!DeviceInformation.Pairing.IsPai...
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2017-07-19 14:07 (1) Answers

BLE notification subscription gets 133

1 Android phone (N5X 6.0.1) is running a BLE server, another one (N5X O) is subscribing. Notification for a characteristic can be enabled however, on the write descriptor part, I'm consistently getting a 133. private void createServer()...
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2017-05-16 00:05 (1) Answers

Subscribe to ANCS on Android

Based on the services listed here, I'm trying to subscribe to a service from an Android device, but can't get the solicitation part working. Tried to advertise using 7905F431-B5CE-4E99-A40F-4B1E122D00D0 but the peripheral is not showing up on the iPh...
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2017-04-18 02:04 (2) Answers

Swift 3: Can't connect to peripheral via BLE

I'm new to working with BLE, currently trying to make a simple application which would connect to my custom BLE device. I am able to discover the BLE device, but for some reason i can't connect to it. I tried to check it with 'Light Blue', it shows m...
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2017-02-07 14:02 (1) Answers

Android BLE receive data without \n

How can I receive ble data (via BluetoothGattCallback.onCharacteristicRead callback) without having to append '\n' to the end of the data being sent to the Android device. I noticed that sending the full 20 bytes also triggers the callback but this i...
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2016-12-29 02:12 (0) Answers

iOS Application not Writing to BLE Mini

I am designing an application which will communicate with a TI LaunchPad through a BLE Mini by utilizing CoreBluetooth, however I am struggling to transmit data between my iPhone and the Red Bear BLE Mini. Currently, I am trying to send a command whi...
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2016-11-20 23:11 (0) Answers

iOS Bluetooth Does Not Discover Devices

I am attempting to create an app which will scan for peripheral BLE devices. I am using a BLE Mini which I can see with both the LightBlue and RedBear iPhone applications. I have confirmed that scanning starts when the BLE is powered on, however when...
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2016-11-04 03:11 (1) Answers

CBPeripheral Service seems to be invisible

I am implementing a CentralManager with the CoreBluetooth framework in order to extract values provided by peripherals. I first look for peripherals that have a service with a specific UUID ("52486FA8-FF0B-4A91-A344-D642D0E91AD0"). The CentralManag...
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2016-09-24 20:09 (1) Answers

Gyro data from iOS to PC (windows surface)

I want to make a kind of pointer for a specific windows application using the gyro in my iphone but I can't seem to find how to connect the iphone to the PC and send the data through an app. All I can find is that it should be possible over BLE. Can ...
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2016-09-07 16:09 (0) Answers

Building a Bluetooth device for Apple

So I'm looking to make my own not so smart "smart" watch Bluetooth device. From what I've found online, I will need some sort of "brain", a thing capable of using BLE, and since I want a display, also an led screen. I need to display the time, and be...
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2016-06-29 19:06 (1) Answers

CoreBluetooth iOS api changes: BLE 4.0 vs BLE 4.2

I am trying to get under the hood of BLE 4.2 and how this affects the product design as well as iPhone development. A: What are the CoreBluetooth API changes to support BLE 4.2? Has there been any? B: How is device pairing implemented in 4.0 a...
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2016-05-25 14:05 (0) Answers