Filtering frequencies from .m4a data

I'm trying to analyze a sound file (.m4a) to get the amplitudes over time and make a graph. I found some code online that works great (below). However, I would like to additionally filter out all sounds that are not in a targeted frequency range. E.g...
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2017-12-03 23:12 (1) Answers

ffmpeg error: cur_dts is invalid

I'm trying to record video and audio from my webcam with the following command: ffmpeg -f v4l2 -input_format mjpeg -s uhd2160 -i /dev/video0 -f pulse -channels 1 -i default video.mpg but it seems to get stuck in some endless loop at the bottom of ...
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2017-12-03 21:12 (0) Answers

How can i map control to it's device?

amixer -c 0 controls: ... numid=22,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Switch' numid=24,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Switch',index=1 numid=21,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Volume' numid=23,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Volume',index=1 ... arecord -l: card 0: PCH ...
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2017-11-14 14:11 (1) Answers

Filtering audio in AudioKit

What i need to do: record audio file; as it's record from iPhone/iPad microphone it can be quiet, so i need to filter it to make it louder; save filtered record; I'm new in audio programming, but as I understand so far I need "All Pass" filter (i...
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2017-11-14 13:11 (1) Answers

Positional Audio in SceneKit / ARKit with AudioKit

I have been exploring positional audio in Scene Kit / ARKit and would like to see if it’s possible to use AudioKit in this context to benefit from its higher level tools for analysis, sound generation, effects, etc. For some background, a SCNView ...
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2017-11-02 19:11 (0) Answers

AudioKit FFT conversion to dB?

First time posting, thanks for the great community! I am using AudioKit and trying to add frequency weighting filters to the microphone input and so I am trying to understand the values that are coming out of the AudioKit AKFFTTap. Currently I am t...
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2017-11-01 23:11 (0) Answers

Allowing background audio with Swift not working

I want to allow background audio while the app is not in focus. I currently have this code, which should allow that: do { try AKSettings.setSession(category: .playback, with: .mixWithOthers) } catch { print("error") } AKSettings.playbackWhil...
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2017-10-21 10:10 (1) Answers

Why path in swift is getting nil?

I am trying to load an audio file which is in mp3 format from my project screenshot has been provided from same in which you can see songs.mp3 is present in the porject. When i write below code in my viewcontroller in viewDidLoad func var player: A...
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2017-10-06 16:10 (0) Answers

Audio/Video Record and play in php

I want to implement video/Audio recording and saving in php. I have found many plugins for this but unable to find a cross browser plugin which will work in all browsers like safari, IE, mozilla, chrome etc. That plugin should also work in ios. Wow...
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2017-10-05 11:10 (0) Answers

Mediaplayers get muted/unmuted too late

I set up a Checkbox, If it is unchecked the mediaplayers should Immediately be unmuted, when checked ** immediately muted**, now I have the problem that when I check / uncheck the checkbox the sound will not be muted immediately bur as recently I res...
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2017-09-01 17:09 (2) Answers

How to play two sounds at the same time?

I've been trying a few things with sounds in flutter lately . Using audioPlayer plugin. But I'm facing a wall. I have both a background music, and small sounds effects. The problem is that I can't play both at once. If I play the background music, ...
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2017-08-29 20:08 (2) Answers

How to save wav file to local machine

My application get the byte array from the db and convert it to a wav file that is stored in the content folder and plays it. I would like to give the user the option to save the wav file to their local machine. I would like to implement the save opt...
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2017-08-29 18:08 (1) Answers

Access Music File Metadata in Powershell

So over the years between getting copied from one PC/hard drive to the next, my music collection is in a bit of a mess, so I want to go through each one programmatically and update the file metadata in the below screenshot (from right click > Propert...
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2017-07-25 10:07 (1) Answers

Changing rate on audio unit NewTimePitch

I'm using AUGraph with different audio units in it, one of them is of type kAudioUnitType_FormatConverter, and subtype kAudioUnitSubType_NewTimePitch. I'm trying to change the kNewTimePitchParam_Rate parameter on it. It does work in some way, but wh...
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2017-06-29 11:06 (0) Answers

Play/Pause Audio Button Swift

I'm new to swift and can't seem to figure this out. I am trying to have one button act as both a play button which loops audio and as a pause button if clicked again. I've tried using an if/else statement but I keep getting this error "fatal error: u...
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2017-06-26 05:06 (1) Answers

Tone.js not working on iOS 7,8 or 9

I have an art project with around 10 old iPhones (4 and 4S) and a website using Tone.js. The problem is that the iPhones are too old to run iOS 10, on which my site works. I read that Tone.js doesn't work on iOS 9, but for me it doesn't work on iOS 7...
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2017-06-25 15:06 (0) Answers

Getting volume value from pulseaudio

I've written this code by looking at various examples: Python pulseaudio monitor, Pavumeter source, async playback example, and Pacat source. I have successfully connected to a sink and am able to record it, but my problem is, I'm stuck at getting t...
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2017-06-17 10:06 (1) Answers

Stop the audio when other is clicked

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { //Media Player Loops //Loops MediaPlayer dk1; MediaPlayer dk2; //Mediaplayer Location dk1 = MediaPlayer.create(this, R.raw.dholak01); dk2 = MediaPlayer.create(thi...
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2017-05-21 10:05 (3) Answers