MongoDb not found in ZF2 controller


I have few controllers in my zf2 project which work perfectly in the browser using apache and via command line.

However, I recently installed MongoDb so I can store some data using the driver found in (

My issue is, when I try to access the driver via controller + browser, I get the following message error in my apache logs :

PHP Fatal error: Class 'MongoDb\Driver\Manager' not found. 'MongoDb\Driver\Manager' is the namespace for this Driver.

If I execute some other controllers via command line, MongoDb works correctly.

Does anyone know why is this happening? I cannot see the issue :(

Thank you

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  1. 2017-09-23 13:09

    I found that my php.ini was pointing to instead of

    That fixed the issue

    Thank you for your help

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