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I have an SPA that handles many digital assets. I want all these assets to be indexed by search engines. To do this I've created 2 new pages in my site. These pages are only shown to bots crawling my site. The first page contains a paginated list of links: Page1 I don't want this page indexed so therefore I have a

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>
which works as expected.

All of these links point to my second page with IDs as url parameters. The second page contains details about the individual asset:

<html xmlns="">

  <link rel='canonical' href='!/asset/481' />
  <meta name='title' content="Michael Jordan's Steak House" />
  <meta name='description' content="The staircase to the Michael Jordan's Steak House" />
  <meta name='keywords' content='Chicago, city, food, light, restaurant, Steak' />
  <title>Michael Jordan's Steak House</title>

  <table style="width:100%">
      <td>Michael Jordan's Steak House</td>
      <td>The staircase to the Michael Jordan's Steak House</td>
      <td>Chicago, city, food, light, restaurant, Steak</td>

I want to use this second page to display information about an asset to GoogleBot and other crawlers. The thought was that I could expose this information and then use the canonical link to tell google that this data should be indexed as belonging to the href in the link. The href points to an image view in the SPA. Googlebot crawls my 2 new pages with no problem and also indexes them. However google indexes the second page's url and not the canonical href. That's a problem: the "bot" pages are ugly and should never be seen by my customers and the point of this whole SEO effort is to expose the digital assets within the SPA.

Why is this/how can I fix it? Can I do something other than the rel="canonical" trick to make bots crawl one page but index it as another?

ps.: nervermind the actual content of the second page(besides the canonical link). I am taking baby steps. First I want the pages to be indexed correctly, then I'll focus on optimizing snippets and all that.

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