Doctrine searching on Entity without any filters


I was wondering if there is a way to search in entity without applying any filters. For Example I would like to build a textfiled in my template where a ajax post method is calling to a controller with purpose searching the whole entity.

My code:

$user = $this->getDoctrine()

    $DSUB = $user->getArrayResult();


I;m not sure how the function should be written, so if some one is willing to help it will be highly appreciate :)

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  1. 2017-01-04 05:01

    You should just create a function that return a JsonResponse with an array of your result.

    // In your controller
     * @Route("/ajax_action")
    public function ajaxAction(Request $request)    
        // Get the posted parameter from your ajax call
        $searchParam = $request->get('searchParam');
        // Request your entity
        $user = $this->getDoctrine()
            ->where('q.username LIKE :searchParam')
            ->orWhere('q.otherColumn LIKE :searchParam')
            ->setParameter('searchParam', '%'.$searchParam.'%')
        // Check if it's an ajax call
        if ($request->isXMLHttpRequest()) {         
            return new JsonResponse($user->getArrayResult();
        // Return an error
        throw new \Exception('Wrong call!');

    For the search part you need to implement a full text search, here is a tutorial on how to implement it :

    P.S : You should be sure of what you need in your query. If you want it to be scalable, you should take a look at better search engine method as ElasticSearch or Solr.

  2. 2017-01-04 12:01

    You can inspire yourself from the following function. It iterates dynamically through all fields of the entity and depending on the type of the field a condition is applied to the query builder:

     * Creates the query builder used to get the results of the search query
     * performed by the user in the "search" view with a given "keyword".
     * @param array       $entityConfig
     * @param string      $searchQuery
     * @param string|null $sortField
     * @param string|null $sortDirection
     * @param string|null $dqlFilter
     * @return DoctrineQueryBuilder
    public function createSearchQueryBuilder(array $entityConfig, $searchQuery, $sortField = null, $sortDirection = null, $dqlFilter = null)
        /* @var EntityManager */
        $em = $this->doctrine->getManagerForClass($entityConfig['class']);
        /* @var DoctrineQueryBuilder */
        $queryBuilder = $em->createQueryBuilder()
            ->from($entityConfig['class'], 'entity')
        $queryParameters = array();
        foreach ($entityConfig['search']['fields'] as $name => $metadata) {
            $isNumericField = in_array($metadata['dataType'], array('integer', 'number', 'smallint', 'bigint', 'decimal', 'float'));
            $isTextField = in_array($metadata['dataType'], array('string', 'text', 'guid'));
            if ($isNumericField && is_numeric($searchQuery)) {
                $queryBuilder->orWhere(sprintf('entity.%s = :exact_query', $name));
                // adding '0' turns the string into a numeric value 
                $queryParameters['exact_query'] = 0 + $searchQuery;
            } elseif ($isTextField) {
                $searchQuery = strtolower($searchQuery);
                $queryBuilder->orWhere(sprintf('LOWER(entity.%s) LIKE :fuzzy_query', $name));
                $queryParameters['fuzzy_query'] = '%'.$searchQuery.'%';
                $queryBuilder->orWhere(sprintf('LOWER(entity.%s) IN (:words_query)', $name));
                $queryParameters['words_query'] = explode(' ', $searchQuery);
        if (0 !== count($queryParameters)) {
        if (!empty($dqlFilter)) {
        if (null !== $sortField) {
            $queryBuilder->orderBy('entity.'.$sortField, $sortDirection ?: 'DESC');
        return $queryBuilder;

    The source code comes from the EasyAdminBundle.

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