How to clear ui-select programmatically?


I would like to find a way to clear the selection of a ui-select by code.

For example I have the following code

<ui-select ng-model="selectedCustomerCode" ng-if="CustomerIds.length>1" on-select="CustomerCodeFiltersOnSelectCallback($item, $model)" theme="bootstrap">
  <ui-select-match class="ui-select-match" allow-clear="true" placeholder="Επιλογή κωδικού πελάτη...">{{$select.selected.CCode}}</ui-select-match>
  <ui-select-choices class="ui-select-choices" repeat="customer in CustomerIds | propsFilter: {CCode: $}">
    <div ng-bind-html="customer.CCode | highlight: $"></div>

I want to clink on a clear button and clear some inputs including the ui-select. What is the code in order to clear ui-select?

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  1. 2017-01-02 10:01

    There is an option allow-clear for ui-select-match that does the thing for you, you will have the x on the right and you can clear it by clicking it.

    <ui-select-match allow-clear="true" placeholder="Select or search in a list...">

    working example

  2. 2017-01-02 10:01

    You should clear cont.selectedCustomerCode variable:

    <button ng-click="cont.selectedCustomerCode = ''">clear</button>


    You should consider exposing you attributes on a variable. That's the recommended way.

  3. 2017-01-02 11:01

    The problem has been solved. I don't know why but having only selectedCustomerCode in ng-model does not work correctly. I putted the selectedCustomerCode inside an object


    and then I clear it like this

    selectedCustomer.selectedCustomerCode = ''

    If I had


    The clear

    selectedCustomerCode = ''

    did not work

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