Using SharedPreference to save user details


I understand that the best way to save values is to use SharedPreferences e.g.

SharedPreferences Savesettings = getSharedPreferences("settingFile", MODE_PRIVATE);
        SharedPreferences.Editor example = Savesettings.edit();
        example.putString("Name", name)
                .putInt("Age", age)
                .putInt("Score", score)

But what if I want my program to remember a button being disabled or enabled after the user closes and opens the program? i have tried a RegisterOnChangePreferanceListener however i have no luck e.g.

SharedPreferences Preferences= PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);
        SharedPreferences.OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener Example =
                new SharedPreferences.OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener() {
                    public void onSharedPreferenceChanged(SharedPreferences preferance, String key) {

                        Name = name;//only an example not the main focus
                        Age = age;
                        Score = score;
                        enableBTN = false; //disables button
                        Name.setEnabled(false); //disables the edit text from further editing

Is there a way to do this, both methods do not seem to be working for me.

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    You need to save it from within the button's OnClickListener. That way, everytime the button is clicked, you are guaranteed that the button's state is saved. button is a reference to a Button view object

    public class MainActivity extends Activity {
        protected void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {
            Button button = (Button)findViewById("this_button_view_id");
            EditText editText = (EditText)findViewById("this_edit_text_id");
            SharedPreferences Savesettings = getSharedPreferences("settingFile", MODE_PRIVATE);
            // If the Savesettings shared preferences above contains the "isButtonDisabled" key
            // It means the user clicked and disabled the button before
            // So we use that state instead
            // If it does does not contain that key
            // We set it to true so that the button is not disabled
            // Same for the edit text
            button.setEnabled(Savesettings.contains("isButtonDisabled") ? Savesettings.getBoolean("isButtonDisabled") : true);
            editText.setEnabled(Savesettings.contains("isEditTextDisabled") ? Savesettings.getBoolean("isEditTextDisabled") : true);
            button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(View v) {
                    // disable the edit text
                    // disable the button
                    SharedPreferences.Editor example = Savesettings.edit();
                    // Save the button state to the shared preferences retrieved above
                    example.putBoolean("isButtonDisabled", true);
                    // Save the edit text state to the shared preferences retrieved above
                    example.putBoolean("isEditTextDisabled", true);

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