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I am new to wordpress and I was thinking which would be the best way to implement a gridview table. I have been researching and found some plugins that would do that, but they would only display either posts or pages. Since I have an excel sheet with a list of items to put in the gridview, I figure it would take quite a long time to create a post for each and then put them in a gridview. I then came across a Google web app called Awesome Table that would actually get all content from an excel sheet and display it in whatever way (that you create or choose a template) you want. I am pretty sure this is a beginner's question, but I was wondering, which way is the best? How they differ from each other as far as performance or even reliability? If I were to use a gridview plugin and create a post for each item I have, would that be beneficial as far as website content (for having more) rather than have the items simply being loaded from an excel sheet in Awesome Table?

Cheers guys!

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