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I have been working on a website which used to have hashbang (#!) anchor links using the following format:

  • #!about-us
  • #!projects/project-1
  • etc.

What came to a big suprise to me is that Google automatically indexed these hansbang URLs to it's search index. It did so without any configuration supplied form my end. As far as i knew, it will only index them if i configured my site to do so.. For example capturing ?_escaped_fragment=xx requests or supplying a fragment meta tag containing "!" to my HTML-source.

It was never my intention that Google indexed these. As such, there was even this problem where every AJAX-page could be reached from every actual page, which Google also indexed, such as these examples:

  • /about#!about-us
  • /projects/project1/#!about-us
  • /#!about-us

Since the website is restructured i want to remove ALL these hashbanged URLs from the search results. So what i did is i supplied an ?_escaped_fragment=xxx implementation which will return a 404 on every request made which contains this query string parameters. But Google still list these pages...

Even when i submit these specific URLs in my Google Webmaster tool they are still listed in the search results.

Does anybody know how to remove all hashbang URLs from my site from Google?

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