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I'm looking for an advice. I have finished my first "concept" website for a small company (on a free server/host). They like it and now I want to transfer all the files to replace their already existing real/payed website. Once I get their authorization and password, can I simply transfer html/css files and images to a server, and it should work properly? What about SEO - can I use the same tags as their old website and expect the same rating on Google (am I allowed to do it)? Am I missing something in the whole process? Thanks in advance

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    Your question doesn't just hinge on the replacement of the already existing files, it also relies on your code in regards to file paths and how you've written them. Relative paths will help you greatly when transferring over all of the files, but absolute paths may end up giving you a headache. However, if this isn't an issue, you should be able to remove all of their existing files and upload your new files.

    As far as SEO goes, you can certainly use the tags as the old website, but do not expect the same rating. Take a look a Google's SEO Starter Guide for some help on how to optimize the SEO on the new site. A simple copy and paste will not do it.

    You're not missing anything in the process... unless you are using something like WordPress where the config files will need some changes and the database will need updating. There are various scenarios that you can fall into when simply dumping a slew of new files expecting it to work as it does in your local.

  2. 2016-12-28 18:12

    sure you can transfer your new website to official hosting, just delete official website files and add your new website to official, also add your website to Google Webmaster

    in the case of seo, you can use the same tags as their old website, but don't expect the same rating , it's depends on your design and seo

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