Writing a Unity Git Ignore File


I am new to Subversion with Unity and want to start a little Rpg with two other developers.

I know you can create a Gitignore-File on https://www.gitignore.io/ but i really don't know if just passing in "Unity" is correct.

We use Tortoise Git and just want to work together. Are there any examples we could take? There is no need for special features, just a small project for 3 people ;)

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  1. 2016-12-21 10:12

    Yes it is fine. It will ignore all the system files that you do not need in the VC.

    Those are not special features, they are basic features that you need to ignore or they will constantly conflict between users.

  2. 2016-12-21 10:12

    .gitignore is used list files that may be created in your working directory that you don't want to track in the version control or share between developers (e.g., build products, temporary files created by tests, IDE temporary files, etc).

    https://www.gitignore.io/ which you mentioned is a great place to start, but you don't have to limit yourself to it, and can always add/remove/modify entries in your file as you see fit. For a starting point, you could use the site's generated file for unity and whatever editor you all agree upon. E.g., unity with vim.

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