Get data from KML file using node.js


Is it possible to get location data from KML file based on the latitude and longitude? When I am using npm node-geocoder that time I am getting a result which Google provided. But here I am having KML file from this file I need to get the result. Please guide me to get a result from KML file.

Below: the code I am using getting data from geocoder API.

var NodeGeocoder = require('node-geocoder');
var options = {
  provider: 'google',
  // Optional depending on the providers
  httpAdapter: 'https',
  formatter: 'json'

var geocoder = NodeGeocoder(options);

var kmllatitude =req.body.latitude;
var kmllong =req.body.longitude;

geocoder.reverse({lat:kmllatitude, lon:kmllong}, function(err, res) {

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