UITextView Hyperlink to Internal WebView

UITextView allows tappable attributedText based hyperlinks.The user interaction with the link can be intercepted by implementing the delegate method. textView:shouldInteractWithURL:in: which has two variations, for iOS 10 and one for iOS 9 as below. ...
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2017-03-19 22:03 (1) Answers

CoreData splitting sections by String

I am trying to make headers for my tableview that are separated by date, which is a string. I am using core data and the NSFetchResultsController. I am basically making an agenda which will separate events based on a string date. I cannot find anyw...
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2017-03-19 21:03 (2) Answers

Xcode does not find C++ static library

So I had some issues with this before but I deleted my old question and updated it to this one. Here it goes: I want to use a C++ Library in my iOS Swift project. With the help of this community I compiled my library as a static library (.a file). N...
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2017-03-19 13:03 (1) Answers

Switching function of UIButton

I have a UIButton and I want to case switch between functions of the button. The first case would be to print hello and the second case would be to print yes. And it will restart and keep going over and over again. I tried but I Keep failing. I tried...
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2017-03-18 23:03 (1) Answers

Import external nodes in SpriteKit using Swift

I'm working on a Breakout type game. I created the paddle in a different scene (PaddleScene.sks) so I could reference it across multiple levels. Not sure if that's how it's done yet, still a newbie. I added the paddle inside GameScene.sks through SK...
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2017-03-18 15:03 (2) Answers

Multiple labels and segment views in Auto Layout

i'm having some issues with auto layout. I'm making an exercise app and i've built this display to configure the users units settings but i'm struggling with laying out the constraints. Here's how i want it to look... But here's what i get when i ...
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2017-03-18 15:03 (1) Answers

Xib and Storyboard

I have two files xib and storyboard. In the xib file there is a custom menu for working with photos (brightness, saturation, etc.). Variable containing a photo is in ViewController. I created an @IBAction for each button in xib. How to transfer a pho...
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2017-03-18 14:03 (1) Answers

How to create IBDesignable custom view?

I am still improving my programing skills in iOS(Swift). Today I am thinking about creating a UIView subclasses in a good way. I want to create custom view which is: @IBDesignable - I want to see a render of my view in storyboard/xib; Creatable fro...
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2017-03-17 15:03 (2) Answers

Lexical or preprocessor issue in Xcode 8.0

I'am using react native: 0.41.2, react: 15.4.2 and cocoapods for firebase(https://github.com/evollu/react-native-fcm). I have an issue while building the code. 'React/RCTEventEmitter.h', 'React/RCTBridgeModule.h', 'React/RCTViewManager.h', 'React/RCT...
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2017-03-17 12:03 (1) Answers

Passing Uiimages to view controller

So I have a custom camera called Paparazzo and the images taken from the camera are stored in a custom array called ImageSource. Now i declared that I would pass ImageSource from the camera view controller to my second view controller, but what I rea...
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2017-03-17 11:03 (3) Answers

How to remove color of target area from uiimage?

i am having a image view with image, if user touch on a specific area, color of that area should be removed. See the below image for reference. In the reference image target area is first leaf in image 1, and in image 2 we can see first leaf color ...
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2017-03-16 22:03 (0) Answers

Custom, swipe up, navigation on every page xcode

New to xcode so I am not quite understanding views and view controllers. I want a simple 3-4 page app with swipe up navigation, similar to this question: How to mimic iOS 10 maps bottom sheet How would I implement this on every page instead of har...
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2017-03-16 18:03 (1) Answers

libswiftRemoteMirror.dylib is not permitted

I have an app which is made of 2 language combined - Objective-C and Swift Now when I try to upload it on AppStore, It is giving me below error: ERROR ITMS-90171: "Invalid Bundle Structure The binary file MyApp.app/libswiftRemoteMirror.dylib ...
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2017-03-16 05:03 (0) Answers

Xcode 8.2.1 Failed to codesign archive

I am trying to upload an archive for test flight to itunesconnect. However, when I go to validate the archive I get an error message saying that code signing failed and that a .ipa file is missing. I have scoured the internet for quite some time and ...
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2017-03-15 21:03 (1) Answers