Swift - Custom SearchController and SearchBar

I am trying to recreate the search field as seen in the Yahoo Finance app. I followed an online tutorial for customizing the UISearchBar and UISearchController, however I still have some problems. If any of you could open up my project and see where ...
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2017-01-13 19:01 (0) Answers

Is there any way to create Customer in stripe

I am trying to implement a Stripe Payment Gateway in my application. I have successfully generate token. But Now i want add or create new customer in my subscription plan, which is already describe on Stripe Dashboard. There is Bit of code for creati...
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2017-01-13 08:01 (0) Answers

XCode doesn't recognize `pod keys`

Here's my setup Env: Mac 10.11.6 Gem 2.4.8 Gemfile: source 'https://rubygems.org' gem 'cocoapods', '~> 1.1.1' gem 'cocoapods-keys', '~> 1.7.0' gem 'fastlane' Installed Cocoapods-keys using: gem install cocoapods-keys Added Fabric Ru...
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2017-01-12 15:01 (1) Answers

Invoking find command from Swift not working

I translated the terminal input to code that way but it doesn't work. find folder_path -not -path "folder_path/subfolder/*" -print -exec zip '{}.zip' '{}' \; to let path = "/usr/bin/find" let arguments = ["folder_path","-not","-path","folder_pat...
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2017-01-11 23:01 (0) Answers

Cocoa application with SPM

My general goal is to create an app, that grabs all data from the postgreSQL database. Firstly, I connected C API libpq to connect my database. Then, I found a nice wrapper around libpq to make my life easier, thanks to Perfect. To install this wrapp...
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2017-01-11 22:01 (1) Answers

Alamofire memory leaks Instruments

I am trying to clean my app from memory leaks and I have a few problems understanding this Why Alamofire function Request.serializeResponseJSON is called 30 seconds after I've launched app: I did not touch anything or navigate anywhere, the scree...
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2017-01-11 16:01 (0) Answers

Dramatically long Swift compile time

I like Apple, I like things that they do, but Swift... oh I have a problem with Swift compile time on my machine. Configuration: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5 8 Gb 1600 MHz DDR3 SSD 256 (up to 800 mb/s) About tes...
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2017-01-11 08:01 (1) Answers

Json Parsing Swift 3 Alamofire

I am new at swift 3.00 and I got problems with getting Json return then sending request. I am trying to send post request to server with parameters username and password and get respond with Json with information, but I haven't been able to get the d...
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2017-01-10 19:01 (1) Answers

Present active searchBar on segue swift

I have two view controllers. A view controller with a button, and a view controller with a UITableView and a UISearchBar. When the user taps on the button in the first view controller, the app should segue to the table view and immediately present ...
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2017-01-10 18:01 (0) Answers

Xcode installing on mac

I am new to mac and I want to install Xcode. I have macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2. I found online that I have to run in terminal: xcode-select --install I did that but I get this: xcode-select: error: command line tools are already installed, use ...
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2017-01-10 15:01 (1) Answers

Safari ViewController with enabled address bar

I'm using Safari ViewController and address bar is disabled. How can I make it enabled so user can enter other url? Here is the code that I'm using class ViewController: UIViewController, SFSafariViewControllerDelegate { override func viewD...
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2017-01-10 09:01 (1) Answers

How to check app is installed or not in phone

I don't know how to check if app is installed or not on phone! Or when App is installed, open the app, otherwise open the Appstore link to download the app. I'm using swift 3. I want to do it using app name or bundle identifier. Thank You! ...
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2017-01-09 10:01 (4) Answers

debug view in Xcode

When I debug in Xcode, how can I add the view of picture 1(main()) and the view of picture 2(sort()) at the same time? Or how can I see the value in array: a[10] when debug in function: sort()? picture 1(main()): picture 2(sort()): picture 3(w...
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2017-01-09 02:01 (0) Answers