Xcode not set up properly when compiling phantomjs

I've hit a wall compiling a fork of phantomjs, following these instructions. I've installed full Xcode from Appstore, and accepted the licence agreement (e.g. sudo xcodebuild -license) which seems to be the issue for other SO questions on this error...
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2017-06-16 10:06 (1) Answers

Get value of parameters in deep link url iOS

everyone. My question is: How can I get data from deep link URL? I have two apps and I want to send data from app1 to app2 using the deep link. I have a button on app1 to click and open app2 then app 2 will get data from app1 by deep link URL. Here ...
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2017-06-16 06:06 (1) Answers

Xcode 9 Beta Use of undeclared type 'SKError'

I just tried to build my project in Xcode 9 beta and I'm getting an error that says: Use of undeclared type SKError This error is in a CocoaPod called SwiftyStoreKit. I tried cleaning the project with no success. Any ideas on how to fix this?...
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2017-06-15 21:06 (1) Answers

Swift: Functions called in the wrong order?

So, I've been working on a Weather App with the following brief Data Model class CurrentWeather { private var _cityName: String! private var _date: String! private var _weatherType: String! private var _currentTemp: Double! var ...
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2017-06-15 20:06 (2) Answers

Missing Marketing Icon

When trying to submit my app, iTunes Connect says Missing Marketing Icon. iOS Apps must include a 1024x1024px Marketing Icon in PNG format. Apps that do not include the Marketing Icon cannot be submitted for App Review or Beta App Review. I do ...
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2017-06-15 13:06 (1) Answers

C# & HTML Agility Pack - Returning Null

I want to make a console app that returns how many subscribers they have when I type in their channel. I currently have it downloading the search page as html from the Console.ReadLine(). This returns a html page successful as I added a .Save to see ...
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2017-06-14 21:06 (1) Answers

detecting if a spritenode exists in swift

I am trying to detect if one of the nodes that I have made through a subclass of SKNode (called Achievements) exists and if it doesn't exist then i'm trying to turn off a boolean variable. What I use to locate the SKShapeNode (called "Indicator") ...
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2017-06-14 11:06 (1) Answers

SpriteKit Actions.sks file need to preload?

I created an Actions.sks file for my game. I've noticed that the first time one of the actions from the file is executed my game glitch's a little bit. Example: My player comes in contact with a specific block, and that is when it happens. It is a 2...
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2017-06-13 23:06 (0) Answers

Custom methods for CoreData classes

I'm trying to conform to the MVC paradigm in my iOS app. My model consists of entities stored in coreData which I have set up using the xcdatamodel file. I want to add some custom methods to these entities in order to keep the Model part separate...
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2017-06-13 13:06 (1) Answers

XCode 9 beta showing error when app launch

I am trying to open my existing project in XCode 9 Beta version. Code is compile without any error, however when simulator showing warning in alert when app launch. Please let me know what is going wrong. Failed to change owner of file:///User...
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2017-06-13 11:06 (1) Answers

Where are the default ViewControllers names from?

I started an app using the tabbed template: it features two ViewControllers, First and Second. I can see their names in the scenes inspector on the left (see image below). Now: if I add a new ViewController to the Storyboard (and to the tab controll...
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2017-06-13 11:06 (1) Answers

iOS UISearchBar remove faint lines in Swift 3

I'm trying to remove these thin dark lines from the Xcode Search Bar Controller (see Image 1 below). I created a class but there is no property available for border-width (which looks like that was the solution in Objective-C) Is this even a pro...
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2017-06-12 20:06 (0) Answers

Font is being ignored when app is built?

So I have just finished making a game (with help from @Fluidity) and when I build it the fonts requested are all ignored. I have selected fonts to be used in main.storyboard but when it gets to the game the default is used. Any help is appreciated. ...
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2017-06-12 19:06 (2) Answers

close app and launch webview on appstart

I have made an api request to get some details from my back end service: I want to dismiss my current view controller and launch a new webpage via a url coming in from the back end: NSDictionary *parameters = @{@"X-Service-Code" : @"PP", @"Accept" ...
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2017-06-11 21:06 (2) Answers