Ajax VB Json string

I am having difficulties finding a Visual Basic Json string that will work for this instance. I keep getting an "Error Message Status" of "[ object Object ]". I got this same one to work in C# with "\"" in the Json code but VB is not so easy. Defa...
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2017-04-19 21:04 (0) Answers

loading xml file to stored procedure

I am trying to insert data from Xml file using a stored procedure, stored procedure as below : CREATE PROCEDURE xmlreadtest @xmldoc xml AS BEGIN INSERT INTO Page (KeyId) SELECT [Key].value('@Id[1]', 'VARCHAR (100)') FROM @xmldoc.node...
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2017-04-15 19:04 (1) Answers

Command Binding WPF VB.NET

Help me resolve command binding issue that I'm having with ToggleHeightMeasurementOn Property (see code below). For some reasons, content binding is working, But command is not binding. View Code <UserControl x:Class="HeightMeasurementSelector...
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2017-04-14 16:04 (0) Answers

Lifetime of the Static variable issue in WebForm

I can't wrap my head around this issue, where I am assigning a instance to a static class and variable during Appication_Start and the variable become null after a few days. public static class IocFactory { private static IContainer _appscopeCon...
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2017-04-14 11:04 (0) Answers

Icons saved by VB are invalid

I discovered that VB supports as a image-format .ico so I tried to make a small converter. But it turned out that the icons are not useable for applications (like the damn icon-converter itself, how ironic). The .ico created by BMP.Save("Name", Imagi...
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2017-04-12 18:04 (0) Answers

How can I add an inline VB.NET method?

Since I'm unable to add a .vb code-behind file to my .aspx page, as delineated here, I'm trying to add the method "inline" like so (the "ConvertSubcategoryIndex" function is the new bit of code): <% . . . If Request.Form.Item("Actio...
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2017-04-10 19:04 (2) Answers

RGB colors in java Vs VB.net

I'm no native English speaker, so please excuses any translation errors. I'm not really having a coding problem. It's more of a conceptual question. I wrote two times the same piece of code translating an image into a list of RGB values. (1 combina...
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2017-04-10 10:04 (0) Answers

Check for double integers in group

I have 64 integers in a magic square ranging from Label1 to Label64. How can I easily check if any two(or more) of these integers are equal to each other, since double numbers are not allowed in a magic square? Thanks in advance for any help! Lang...
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2017-04-08 15:04 (1) Answers

date saving in SQL

I m using the following code to save the date from a textbox and selecting the date using date picker. If (String.IsNullOrEmpty(DobTxt.Text)) Then SQLCmd.Parameters.Add("@DOB", SqlDbType.Date).Value = DBNull.Value Else Dim DOBDt...
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2017-04-06 22:04 (2) Answers

Can create csv but cannot write to it

My question is similar to this post. I can create the csv but cannot write to it once it is created. But unlike that post, I am not creating the file twice. My code: Dim path As String = "C:\xxx\yyy\" & csvFileName If File.Exists(path) = Fal...
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2017-04-06 22:04 (2) Answers

MS Access OLEDBConnection to Excel Issue

So I have searched for a about 2 days now and while I can find a lot of examples of how to get an Excel worksheet into a gridView, none of them work for me. This is the goal: I need to read an Excel file, has one worksheet in it and should always be...
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2017-04-05 19:04 (1) Answers

ASP.NET StackedColumn chart - Axis Trouble

I am building an Asp.net Stacked Column chart. Here is how it looks : Here is how it should look : Ignore the numbers on the chart but look at the X axis - Why does it give me 1148,1153, 1163 when they do not appear in the data. Here is my ...
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2017-04-04 17:04 (1) Answers

ASP.NET failing to make folder not accessible

I have a C# Webform application. It contains a Report folder inside it Which contain some pdf files. My application will show these reports on demand. But I do not want someone to access these by typing the direct url Eg: www.abc.com/Reports/a.pd...
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2017-04-03 21:04 (1) Answers

acces+VB - cmdClose() when data is saved/not saved

I made a database to register employees. In the from Change Employee I have a save and a close button. When data is filled in and the save button is pressed the data is stored in the correct table. The close button events I find on the internet all...
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2017-04-03 09:04 (0) Answers

jQuery Toggle interfering wth IF statement

So I am coding a one page step by step booking process. I have coded it so that when a button is clicked the content will toggle down. This seems to have interfered with my VB.NET IF Statement behind one of the button click events as now the IF stat...
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2017-03-26 23:03 (2) Answers

vb.net search words in webbrowser from richtextbox

Here is my problem I have a textbox1, and a two richtextbox. I want to search in the textbox, the words contained in my textbox1. In my richtextbox I have 600 words , one by line. in a second part, if textbox1 contains a word contained in richtextbo...
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2017-03-25 03:03 (1) Answers

There were no HTTP Requests logged for this event

I am using the latest Twilio .NET SDK (5.0.2) in a VB.NET application. I am initiating a message via the REST Client that gets sent using a Messaging Service. In the Messaging Service I have "http://dev.leadtraxsolutions.com/Services/TwilioStatusUpda...
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2017-03-21 15:03 (0) Answers

WPF DataGrid shows dot instead comma

After digging on the internet and searching for answers without result, I would like to ask you for help. I have a SQL database table with 2 columns (float datatype e.g 1,2 1,3 1,4 etc.) which are bound to a DataGrid . XAML code: <Collect...
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2017-03-17 14:03 (1) Answers

VB.NET: xml childnode count is not right

I have programmed in VB since VB-DOS, but I'm just getting started with processing XML Files. I've learned a lot, but I am having a problem with one aspect that I can't seem to overcome. I'm running loops through child nodes at different levels, but...
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2017-03-14 22:03 (3) Answers

VB.Net LINQ equivalent of SQL

I have inherited a database that I can't modify and need join/grouping results from the 2 tables (without any foreign key). Table A (Adjuster) Adjuster_Rec INT, Adjuster_Name VARCHAR(100), Adjuster_FK_Market_Rec INT, Adjuster_Active BIT Table F...
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2017-03-12 06:03 (0) Answers

database identity column not working

I am creating a database application in vb.net. I have set an identity column(is identity = true) in visual studio. However when I run my application no identity column is recognized. Where am I going wrong? My connections string is : "Data Sourc...
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2017-03-06 00:03 (2) Answers

X-Frame-Options Deny not working at all

i tried many ways to deny X-Frame-Options for disable to load iframe from my website but no success. via http header: <meta http-equiv="X-Frame-Options" content="deny"> javascript: <script type="text/javascript"> if ( window.self !=...
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2017-03-05 10:03 (1) Answers