How to display Date?

I want to display date from table in like this: Feb 2017 -24, 25 Feb 2018 -26 I have values in table: 02/24/2017 02/05/2017 03/31/2017 04/15/2017 02/11/2017 02/25/2017 04/29/2017 i want out put: Feb-2017 : 04,05,24,25 March-2017 : 31 ...
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2017-02-16 05:02 (1) Answers

Check for an empty csv file in HTTP location

I am trying to follow Determine if file is empty (SSIS) to see if the file is empty at the HTTP location. I cant download it to begin with as the process is stuck at source and wont let my package finish. All I want to do is to query to source file, ...
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2017-02-13 17:02 (2) Answers

data is not updating in database

Did not find any error but data is not updating in database and displaying error on first load is There is no row at position 0 and data displaying in gridview below. But when load from menu data is displaying in textbox's. Update Button Cod...
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2017-01-29 06:01 (3) Answers

Error when clicking to data grid empty cell

I want to pass the value of data grid cell into labels when I click the dg cell. Dim rowview as datarowview rv = datagrid1.selecteditem Label1.content = rowview.row(0).tostring() It successfully pass the value to my label but every time I clic...
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2017-01-28 11:01 (0) Answers

Speech Recognition in SQL Database

I have an SQL Database application and I want to incorporate a voice search feature. I already know how to search the database but I don't know how I can make a grammar for my database. Here's my code so far. Dim WithEvents reco As New Recognition.S...
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2017-01-28 00:01 (0) Answers

RSA Decryption Issue .Net

I got Bad Key Error when trying to decrypt with Private key. Encrypted content encrypted with my public key. Please help me to resolve the issue. Error Occurred: Bad Key. The below are my code: Public Function RSADecryptCer(ByVal encryptedString A...
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2017-01-21 10:01 (0) Answers

DRY XML comments

When providing multiple overloads of the same method, I often have to repeat the description of the method, which violates DRY and increases maintenance cost: /// <summary> /// Frobnicates all foos read from the given reader. Frobnication is a...
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2017-01-18 10:01 (0) Answers website SEO Submission Sites

As the surf i did on google, i found that in sites with engine like Wordpress , Joomla o vbulletin or SMF use a system of SEO called submission sites In this system of SEO when a new data is added to site,a request will send to Motor engines to check...
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2017-01-17 15:01 (0) Answers

VB 2012: Assign Variables to PictureBox

I'm currently creating a board game using VB 2012. One issue I've found while trying to code the game itself is assigning numerical values to a PictureBox. For context, I need to assign a value to each cardinal point of the Image for use in the gam...
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2017-01-11 10:01 (0) Answers

Replace all URLs with hyperlinks

I have following code which uses regex to find all the urls within a given string: Dim regex As New Regex("(http(s)?:\/\/.)?(www\.)?[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%._\+~#=]{2,256}\.[a-z]{2,6}\b([-a-zA-Z0-9@:%_\+.~#?&//=]*)", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase) Now, I want...
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2017-01-09 13:01 (1) Answers

Calling and serializing FB feed

I am calling FB feed from multiple FB pages with /posts?ids=OI.Plavipingvin,217384491624554&limit=5&fields=message,created_time,id This is the feed I get: { "217384491624554": { "data": [ { "message": "Obećanje i ...
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2017-01-08 21:01 (2) Answers

Auto-Fill I-9 PDF XFA Form

Good morning. I am hoping someone can help me on this topic. Last year I set up a VB.NET program using iTextSharp where a user could enter the information to fill the I9 and that information would fill in the PDF and print. With the new I9 I am havin...
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2017-01-06 17:01 (2) Answers Media Player - Save playlist

I am trying to add the ability to save the playlist in my media player (based on WMP), so that it can be or will be loaded automatically in the next session. The media player itself and the playlist work flawlessly. I've tried some methods I found o...
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2017-01-04 22:01 (0) Answers

VB.Net: Searching Word Document By Line

I'm attempting to read through a Word Document (800+ pages) line by line, and if that line contains certain text, in this case Section, simply print that line to console. Public Sub doIt() SearchFile("theFilePath", "Section") Console.WriteLi...
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2017-01-04 20:01 (2) Answers

Issue binding datatable to WPF datagrid

My XAML is as follows: <DataGrid x:Name="WaterfallDataGrid" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="540" Margin="10,410,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="1650" CanUserSortColumns="False" ColumnWidth="60"> <DataGrid.Columns> <...
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2016-12-30 16:12 (2) Answers

Scroll WPF DataGrid to show selected item on top

I have a DataGrid with many items and I need to programmatically scroll to the SelectedItem. I have searched on StackOverflow and Google, and it seems the solution is ScrollIntoView, as follows: grid.ScrollIntoView(grid.SelectedItem) which scrolls...
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2016-12-28 14:12 (3) Answers

MVC DropDownList look and feel

So I'm creating a site using MVC, and my DropDownLists and DropDownListFors do not look the same as the other input elements on the page. I tried setting their class to be the same "form-control", and even tried adding my own class in the css that h...
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2016-12-24 23:12 (1) Answers

How to save an object after exit

So I'm currently working with and winforms and I need the have objects created from my classes saved so they are still there if I exit the program and open it again. I also needed to make them dynamically so I was going to add them to a dictio...
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2016-12-22 02:12 (1) Answers

Find All Items In RichTextBox

I have a .css file and I want to find all strings that start with /images_rtl/ and end with .png, then add them in list box. What sort of code would be required to program this? ...
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2016-12-21 20:12 (1) Answers

Color a DataGrid row based on a DataTable value

I'm pulling data from a CSV file, parsing it in a DataTable, and then, setting this DataTable as the ItemsSource of a DataGrid. I'm then looping the DataTable to do some verifications on the data, and I want to color the DataGrid rows accordingly. ...
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2016-12-21 17:12 (1) Answers