unity3d - android file reading error

I have a problem with reading files on aandroid after building apk file. When I try to read data form: *jar:file:///data/app/appname/base.apk!/assets/Levels/level0.xml,* game will crush with error message: URI scheme must start with a letter and m...
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2017-06-07 16:06 (1) Answers

Unity: Saving/Loading Sprites as Json

I was following a tutorial where I need to save the sprite that belongs to an object. I am creating a database of items and would of course want the correct image to come with the item. This is how I built my Item database: ItemObject [System.Seria...
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2017-06-02 10:06 (2) Answers

Unity Game crashing on some devices

In my testing, the game works good on my android 5.1 and ios 10.3.2 (iPhone 6S) devices. But on my Apple reviewer's iPad Air 2 and iPhone 7 Plus, I get crash on game launch. I got the crashlogs and did symbolicate them, the crash log is: Thread 0 na...
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2017-05-25 06:05 (0) Answers

Embed Unity3D app inside WPF application

I want to develop a new CAD software in WPF and instead of using WPF 3D, is it possible to use Unity3D as my graphic engine that is capable of rotate, pan, zoom and view 3D graphic objects based on my data objects in WPF? The reason I am asking this...
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2017-05-19 01:05 (1) Answers

Embedding Unity in WPF with -parentHWND

I am fairly new with WPF and am trying to recreate the function of the EmbeddedWindow example from the unity docs, that explain how to launch a standalone unity window inside a WPF window using the commandline and -parentHWND. the example uses this ...
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2017-05-13 19:05 (0) Answers

Downloading Unity .obb content via Android app

I am trying to make a apk with .obb files, alpha on the store, however when trying to download the .obb it doesnt extract correctly or doesnt load all of the content I am not sure, any help would be appreciated. its an Android structured app, with a...
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2017-05-11 17:05 (1) Answers

Mirrored mesh and wrong UV map runtime export

EDIT: So after a brief contact with the Assimp dev, I was pointed towards the import process. As I took over the code from someone else, I did not think looking that part: using (var importer = new AssimpContext()) { scene = importer.ImportFile(f...
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2017-05-08 09:05 (0) Answers

Unity iOS build does not create any files

I have created an XCode project through Unity in order to build for iOS, and the build succeeds with a few warnings, but there is nothing in the build folder. It takes a few minutes to build, so it seems like it's doing something, but nothing is the...
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2017-05-07 20:05 (0) Answers

C# - LINQ Select() calls function twice

I'm using Unity. I'm using IEnumerable.Select() to take a List of types and add them (as components) to a GameObject. Running this: var newObjects = types.Select(t => (IGameManager)gameObject.AddComponent(t)); Actually adds two of the same ty...
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2017-05-05 05:05 (1) Answers

Get image width and height from a byte array data

I have a byte[] array which reads a local file and then I assign it to a unity Texture2D. The image is assigned using the im.sprite = Sprite.Create() function. The problem I have is that I need to detect the width and height of the image from the b...
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2017-05-02 14:05 (1) Answers

Use Debug.Log from C++

When making C++ plugins in Unity it is easier to use Debug.Log to quickly view variable values but this function is only available from C# side. This makes it very hard to debug C++ plugin since Unity's debugger does not support that. std::cout is no...
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2017-05-02 09:05 (1) Answers

Unity Cardboard view tracking

I'm looking to track how long a person looks at an object in Unity when using Google Cardboard (building for iOS). I'm not sure how to go about this. Would it be the same as mouse tracking? Any direction would be greatly appreciated! ...
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2017-05-01 20:05 (1) Answers