git: How to find file history from blob ID

I'm trying to replicate Subversion's $Id: $ feature with git. I know that I can use .gitattributes to set the ident attribute, which will allow me to embed the blob ID in a source code comment. That's the basic requirement, and I'm covered. But I'm ...
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2017-02-14 16:02 (2) Answers

git svn takes forever, svn takes an hour

I have to use svn in a large project. I can checkout the trunk of the project without any problem. It takes between 30min / 1 hour. I do it like this: svn checkout but if I try to use git, it takes forever. I...
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2017-02-14 15:02 (1) Answers

Unicode with tortoise svn command line

I have a little problem using tortoise svn command line. I have files which names are written on Cyrillic. When I try to add them in repository through svn command line, I get error. command: svn add ั‚ะตัั‚.txt error: svn: warning: W155010: 'C:\So...
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2017-02-14 15:02 (0) Answers

getting error on running ant command via cmd

Running ant command in cmd.exe and getting the error in change_list_error file as I am trying to build the files on the local system, error is: svn: The path 'C:\aa\aaa\aaaa\simulator' appears to be part of a Subversion 1.7 or greater working cop...
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2017-02-13 19:02 (0) Answers

Working with bitbucket inside Visual Studio

I have a project that I've been working on for a while now and I'd like to post it to the bitbucket... I've created a repository with an URL and I'm trying now to post my existing visual studio project onto the repository. Before this I've been usin...
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2017-02-12 15:02 (0) Answers

Reverting changes failed with some skipped paths

I've read this answer: How do I return to an older version of our code in Subversion? and used the command svn merge -r 150:140 . to revert back to an old revision (I didn't need to commit the reverted changes, just get to the old version of files). ...
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2017-02-12 14:02 (0) Answers

renaming imported git project name in netbeans

I have switched over my svn repository over to git (and imported the commit history), but when I clone the project in netbeans it still defaults to the original svn project name and not the new git project name. Anyone know how I can change this? ...
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2017-02-10 14:02 (0) Answers

svn commit current state as 'version'

is there a way to store the full state of a repository as a certain 'version'. my repository contains a c++ project and I would like to back it up in subversion on a daily basis and then be easily able to revert to e.g. a version 3 days ago, or switc...
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2017-02-10 01:02 (1) Answers

Using Svn with Eclipse but without a plugin

I am very new to SVN as I have almost exclusively used Git until now, but my current project uses Eclipse Mars and SVN. I have had major issues in getting Subversion plugin or any SVN plugins for that matter in Eclipse (Mac El Capitano) and I would l...
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2017-02-09 20:02 (0) Answers

PHP SVN with LDAP authentication

I am working on a PHP website which is using the php_svn module to retrieve data from our SVN repositories. For this I have set internally a hardcoded user/pwd so I can connect (dirty way...) Now I would like to connect using my current LDAP user. M...
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2017-02-09 16:02 (1) Answers

Add to ignore-on-commit list recursively

I have a question about ignore-on-commit svn function. I have directory with sub-folders like C:\path\working_copy\1.config C:\path\working_copy\subfolder\1.config And when i try to use ignore-on-commit with svn ignore-on-commit C:\path\working...
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2017-02-09 14:02 (0) Answers

How to remove top level from svn dump file

I have an svn dump file which includes the name of the repository in all the paths. i.e repo/trunk repo/branches repo/tags I am using the dump file to recreate the repo on another server, but I need to remove "repo" from the path otherwis...
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2017-02-09 10:02 (1) Answers

How do I undo an import

Using TortiseSVN I accidentally imported over an existing folder within my repo. This was a mistake and I need to undo this - I'm not sure what to do. Thanks ...
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2017-02-09 06:02 (0) Answers

SVN LOG and SVN Diff

I'm really new coding in ava These are my commands that I want to write using SVNKIT svn log -v -rRevision URLString and also svn diff --summarize -rRevisionStart:Revisionend URLLINK I know that i should use SVNKIT but I have difficulty using ...
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2017-02-08 15:02 (0) Answers

Version Control Systems, lock files on read

I'm in a company which demands simultaneously collaboration on a web application, to avoid any conflict during development our CEO suggests the use of SVN version control system so each user can lock the file when they're working on it. SVN does sup...
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2017-02-08 10:02 (0) Answers