How to solve leverage browser caching?

I am working on a website which is fully in PHP and now when i test speed of my site it slow. In google site speed test "" this shows "Lever...
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2017-07-19 13:07 (0) Answers

AngularJS and SEO: Static pages for google bots

I have made a website ( using AnglularJS and will have only 8 pages in total. Is it a good practice and will it work if I create a similar static webpage for each of my 8 pages and redirect google bots request to those stat...
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2017-07-18 18:07 (0) Answers

Best robots.txt practice to hide secret folder

I have a secret folder in my website and I don't want search engines to know about it. I didn't put the folder name in the Disallow rule of robots.txt because writing this folder name in robots.txt means telling my visitors about that secret folder. ...
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2017-07-18 05:07 (2) Answers

Symfony - SeoBundle built EMPTY sitemap

I installed SeoBundle and configured the bundle to build a sitemap (docs). AppKernel.php: new Sonata\SeoBundle\SonataSeoBundle(), new Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\CoreBundle\CmfCoreBundle(), new Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\SeoBundle\CmfSeoBundle(), Full bundle conf...
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2017-07-18 00:07 (1) Answers

Multiple Meta Description Found In Blogger Blog

I am facing a serious problem, when I checked my site in the MOZ toolbar And google webmaster too, it showed me the following problem: Multiple Meta Description tags found! webmastertools error MOZ toolbar error my website : Pleas...
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2017-07-17 20:07 (0) Answers

Adding dynamic meta tags to a spa

I'm making a news site with vuejs as the frontend, that fetches data from the wordpress api (we're using wordpress for the client to upload the news). So naturally I made dynamic routes with the name of the news post in it like so:
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2017-07-17 16:07 (0) Answers

Do comments on a page affect SEO?

I have a website where a lot of my content is duplicated, which generally gets penalized in Google. If I was to have unique comments on my pages, is this considered "content", which can make a page seem somewhat unique for Google's SEO? ...
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2017-07-14 02:07 (0) Answers

How to mark duplicate urls with ruby on rails

My site has a number of duplicate urls, so the routes file might have resource :articles get '/interesting_articles' to: '/articles' The second url is for marketing purposes, but I want to keep the standard rails route because it is easier for me ...
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2017-07-13 23:07 (2) Answers

Site Showing Differently by Googlebot

When i Am fetching my site in google webmasters page , it showing somewhat differently , picture attached below . Don't know whats happening . I think it's adding extra margin ... The Google bot version Original ...
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2017-07-13 08:07 (0) Answers

qTranslate-x with SEO plugin in wordpress

I've updated new version of Yoast SEO 5.0.2 instead of Yoast SEO 3.2.5 and Integration: Yoast SEO & qTranslate-X 1.2 instead of Integration: Yoast SEO & qTranslate-X 1.1.1 but my qTranslate-X is same now my previous version of Yoast a...
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2017-07-12 15:07 (0) Answers

HTML and SEO - Relative Links and Absolute Links

I have a site that has a submission form that I would like to serve up via SSL / HTTPS. The issue is that when i force (via .htaccess) for this particular submission form page to SSL / HTTPS only then all of the links on the page are to HTTPS. For ...
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2017-07-08 21:07 (0) Answers