post-order traversal binary tree right to left

I know what the output would be when we traverse a binary tree with a post order algorithm from left to right, however I am having a bit of trouble seeing what it would be when we go from right to left. For example, would the output of a post order t...
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2017-03-19 18:03 (1) Answers

Creating a search text field

I want to create a search mechanism for IOS that looks something similar to the homepage of Maps. Basically I want to create a text field. Then, when somebody clicks on it, I want the text field to move to the top while also showing a list of it...
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2017-03-18 22:03 (1) Answers

Android Listview search Json

I have a problem. I want to search my listview with SearchView or EditText and filter my Items if someone type some Text. But i don´t find the correct answere here because my json file comes from a php / mysql database. Can Someone help me ? Here i...
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2017-03-18 20:03 (1) Answers

Batch file, search file and replace string

I'm trying to create a batch file who will search for a specified file and will replace a string in it by something else The problem is that the path is different for each user. The file is prefs.js, and it's located in C:\%username%\AppData\Roamin...
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2017-03-17 18:03 (1) Answers

Searching Menu in NavigationView

I have a navigation drawer (using NavigationView) that is linked to a menu XML file. Would it be possible to implement a SearchView within the NavigationView that allows searching for navigation drawer entries? Thanks! ...
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2017-03-17 16:03 (0) Answers

Custom learn to rank model in Apache SOlr

I'm trying to make a search engine for a few documents using Apache Solr. I'm curious to know if I can add my own model for reranking. I know that the existing models perform well but I want to test a different model. Can anyone tell me if the LTR ...
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2017-03-16 20:03 (0) Answers

Use of like in SQLAlchemy for queries

I am writing a code to do a query in my mysql table called BIO using SQLAlchemy and python. I want to search the keyword "beta" in my column "information" using like and %beta% like I do in mysql, example: sql=text('select * from BIO where informati...
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2017-03-16 14:03 (0) Answers

multi word query in elasticsearch with filter

I put a dataset into ES with the following fields: Category,Question,Answer Trying to query my elasticsearch index for the phrase "world series" in either the Question field OR the Answer field, but it also must ONLY limit its results/search to th...
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2017-03-16 13:03 (2) Answers

How to sort this Solr query by distance?

I am querying results like this: ?q=*&wt=json&rows=1000&fq={!geofilt%20pt=36.722484,-4.371908%20sfield=location%20d=50} This is using the geofilt function to find all results within 50km of a given point. But the results are returning ...
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2017-03-16 12:03 (2) Answers

search in DataGrid by textBox WPF

I have grid with 10-15 columns. (I load data by datagrid.ItemsSource = myList.ToList()) Also I have textBox witch textChanged event. When I put here eg. "cat" I want to see only rows with value how do I make this? ...
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2017-03-15 23:03 (1) Answers

An Error Message occured in search console: htom

I have an error message in the google search console, which is as follows: Structured data> htom (Markup: A test using the structured data testing tool did not detect these errors. Type of error The following is missing: updated ...
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2017-03-15 20:03 (0) Answers

Search with php and mysql

I am getting search lists but i cannot click it to go to the respective pages of the items. What I should do ? I need to add hyperlinks to those options. Here is my code. <?php $key=$_GET['key']; $array = array(); $con=mysql_connect("localhost"...
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2017-03-14 23:03 (1) Answers

Notepad++ search functionanilty

I have a rather large document that I am trying to modify. I am trying to change <entity class="Style" count="29"> <entity class="Style" count="40"> <entity class="Style" count="50"> to <entity class="Style" count="1"> <...
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2017-03-14 22:03 (1) Answers

Displaying auto complete results a bit faster

It's been quite some time since I had last visited a specific feature that we had built into an internal tool. Basically it's a simple input text box field where we allow people to perform searches. As people search we bring up an autocomplete with...
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2017-03-14 18:03 (1) Answers

Sphinx 404 to Search

Will it be bad SEO(or anything else) practice to enable Magento Sphinx extension's "404 to Search" option for an e-commerce website? This option basically redirects from 404 to search results page. ...
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2017-03-14 15:03 (1) Answers