Custom Search Suggestions Android

I am trying to make search suggestions. What I am trying to do is when user enters query I send HTTP Requests to server and fetch the JSON response and save it in database using Content Provider and Content Resolver. @Override public boolean o...
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2017-04-19 11:04 (0) Answers

How to access keywords recorded in a Lucene index?

I've got an EDM (electronic document management / archiving) working with Lucene (Java + Hibernate + Spring + JSF + Lucene). Files treated have different formats : XML, DOCX, JPEG, INDD, PDF, etc. All are archived after a full text indexation. Searc...
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2017-04-18 22:04 (1) Answers

Implementing search to map view controller

In my project i have a mapView with a lot of annotations & i would like to add a search functionality to the map so i can search those annotations and quickly find the annotation i want. I followed a tutorial i found on the web but it searches g...
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2017-04-18 19:04 (1) Answers

Search with Spring Data JPA

I have a domain object Item: Item fields: a, b, c It has a lot more fields in reality. I know I can create methods like: findByAAndB(...) Use @Query(SELECT ... WHERE ...) on my custom find method But I still wonder if there is a better solution:...
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2017-04-18 19:04 (2) Answers

Laravel 5 Search Multi attribute Error

I`m new to the Laravel 5.4 .i needed to develop multiple attributed Search function.Here is the error um getting . Here is my registered.index.blade.php View <div class="panel panel-default"> <div class="panel-body"> ...
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2017-04-17 08:04 (2) Answers

Laravel 5 Search in Multi attributes

I`m new to the laravel 5.4 and i need to create a multi attribute search.i can only do the search for a single attribute.but i cannot find out the right way to do so. here is the search field i want. Here is the view related to it. <div class...
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2017-04-17 05:04 (1) Answers

Searching with NSFetchResult Controller

I've been looking on how to search using a NSFetchResultController but most post I came across are from 2 years ago. Okay I'm trying to filter the objects, which in my case are Pokemon. Here is my function I'm using. func attemptPokemonFetch(generat...
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2017-04-16 01:04 (1) Answers

symfony search form renders all the results

i want to execute a filter using querybuilder so everything works but when i click on filter nothing happens and always hows all the reuslts so here's a picture of the page on the left i have a form when submitted i want it to display the found vehic...
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2017-04-16 01:04 (0) Answers

binary search in the TreeMap

I have two TreeMap The first map is: Map<String, Double> m1 = new TreeMap(); and the second is: Map<String,double []> m2 = new TreeMap(); I want to search the Key in first map to the second one, and then multiply the value of the f...
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2017-04-15 12:04 (1) Answers

retrieve data from form submission in wordpress

Problem I'm trying to solve: User1 goes to site and submits a form (see below). User2 goes to site and submits a form (see below). User3 goes to site and uses a search form (see below). Once the User3 hits submit, they will see results (if any) on th...
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2017-04-15 11:04 (0) Answers

Where to replace example schema?

I am using TYPO3 7x and want to use SOLR search. I created a core using SOLR Admin UI but getting an error of "unsupported schema". please see screenshots.. I am totally new to SOLR and TYPO3, please help.. Screenshot of Error, Screenshot of core in...
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2017-04-15 07:04 (2) Answers

C++ -- Searching Unsorted Arrays

I'm learning C++ and am playing around with searching/sorting algorithms. I am trying to do binary search on an unsorted list of items and return the original array index. I have to sort it first, so to preserve the original indices, I created a 2D...
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2017-04-15 00:04 (1) Answers

mongodb text search partial match

Hii All I want to perform like query with two different search terms with two different fields .But none of my code works .Please help . I want to perform below sql query in mongodb or mongoose: SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE title LIKE '%$title%' OR...
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2017-04-14 17:04 (0) Answers