save/load Matlab file performance

Many questions here have been asked about the numpy save/load performance, particularly in comparison to alternatives like pickling or using hdf5. In the context of exploratory scientific computing, my issue is that it's difficult to save/load arbitr...
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2017-04-21 00:04 (0) Answers

JSON file auto save and uploading via rest api

I am fresh iOS developer and I am working on a task that is to auto save json file locally and uploading it to database via rest api with upload time interval . kindly find the attached code, any help will be appreciated. func upload(){ let json...
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2017-04-20 13:04 (0) Answers

Save the Contact Form Data Details in Another Site

I am using the Contact form 7 in my site1. I have added "Contact Form Advanced Database" Plugin to show the Submitted Records. I have an another Site2 in which I want to show the Contact Form. And want to save the Data in my Site1. Is it possible i...
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2017-04-20 09:04 (2) Answers

C++ console Save and load saved "games"

I have a grid of randomly generated numbers of size gameSizexgameSize (user input) which is contained within a vector of vectors. The user can enter two co-ordinates (x, y) so that it changes a number within the grid to a predefined value. So for e...
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2017-04-20 08:04 (3) Answers

Loading .npy File Loads an Empty Array

I have a TfIDF matrix of size tr_tfidf_q1.shape, tr_tfidf_q2.shape which gives ( (404288, 83766), (404288, 83766) ) Now I save it using'tr_tfidf_q1.npy', tr_tfidf_q1) When I load the file like this f = np.load('tr_tfidf_q1.npy') f...
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2017-04-17 18:04 (2) Answers

Open the 'save file' option in Python

How do you open the dialog box that asks where to save a file? I can open windows explorer, but not the box that allows a user to select a save location, like shown below. If it makes any difference, I would only be saving text files. I am trying ...
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2017-04-15 17:04 (1) Answers

Python file path and name retrieval

Alright so I've made a save as button in python and was wondering how do I retrieve the file path from where it was saved. I also was wondering if the name is changed during saving how to know what that is. If I try to call the file name in a differ...
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2017-04-14 00:04 (1) Answers

Django admin custom widget issue

Hi I've started my adventure with django last week but I've problems with defining custom admin widget, more precisely with posting changed data from my custom widget back to database - widget is rendering just like I am expecting it but nothing happ...
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2017-04-13 21:04 (0) Answers

VBScript not handling Save As box correctly

I'm trying to write a VBScript to open and close an .xlsm file, which holds a macro that refreshes the file and saves a new copy. The macro within the .xlsm doc works fine when testing alone. When trying to open and close the file through the script...
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2017-04-13 17:04 (0) Answers

Photobooth HTML5/JS

I wish to program a photo booth web app that will allow you to drag and drop various items onto your taken picture to make it silly then save and email and/or text the image to the user. Can someone point me to some useful resources? ...
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2017-04-12 19:04 (0) Answers

Icons saved by VB are invalid

I discovered that VB supports as a image-format .ico so I tried to make a small converter. But it turned out that the icons are not useable for applications (like the damn icon-converter itself, how ironic). The .ico created by BMP.Save("Name", Imagi...
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2017-04-12 18:04 (0) Answers

Canvas - saving to image with php or js

I have a canvas element and want to name it and save it as a jpg in my file system. var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas"); var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL(); console.log(dataURL) I can use either PHP or JS. Is this possible? It seems l...
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2017-04-12 12:04 (2) Answers

Dynamically save data frame to file

I would like to dynamically save a dataframe to disk (ex. in a for loop) but I can't figure out how to parse the name of the dataframe dynamically: data <- data.frame(var = c(1,2,3,4)) year <- "2017" # name and place for file f <- paste0...
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2017-04-11 15:04 (2) Answers

Saving techniques at android text game

Hello guys I'm making a text game for my Android programming class. I want to make a survival game. So I will make this game to Character class, with this character class. This is survival game, so If player press the next day button, I want to s...
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2017-04-11 11:04 (4) Answers

Save form data Yii2

I have a question. Let's say we have a model smth like this: /** * This is the model class for table "user". * * @property integer $id * @property string $username * @property string $first_name * @property string $last_name */ class User e...
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2017-04-10 15:04 (2) Answers