unable to locate libxml2 when installing gem

Problem with install of twilio-ruby. I have installed libxml2 using homebrew and confirmed it is there. However when I try running gem install twilio-ruby I recieve an error that it cannot find libxml2. I have tried specifying the path to libxml2 ...
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2017-09-16 07:09 (1) Answers

How to insert data in elastic search using ruby

I am trying to insert data using elastic search PUT with the Elasticsearch gem in ruby, but I am getting method not found error. Here is the sample code: def self.insert_data_in_es name = (here I am giving the url) body = (actual data) El...
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2017-09-14 19:09 (1) Answers

Timing issue in active admin gem

With in admin panel when I create a new user at 11.00 am as per my local timing is shows user created at 5:47. I found one solution config.time_zone = 'Eastern Time (US & Canada)' and second before_filter :set_time_zone private def set_time_...
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2017-09-14 12:09 (1) Answers

Upgrading ruby version

I'm trying to make use of an upgraded version of ruby 2.3.1. I have this [[ -s "/usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && source "/usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm" # Load RVM into a shell session *as a function* rvm use 2.3.1 # tell RVM to make the Ruby...
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2017-09-14 09:09 (0) Answers

Index.js.erb file not working in rails 5.1

I am following a tutorial from devfactor.com. It's called "Let's Build: Instagram with Rails." The author is using AJAX and js files in the tutorial. When added a file called "Index.js.erb", it showed many errors in my server. Error: ActionView::Te...
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2017-09-13 17:09 (2) Answers

Redmine ERPmine plug-in error

I'm trying to install the "ERPmine" plugin : Official documentation : http://www.redmine.org/plugins/wk-time As the documentation says , and like every plugin i'm used to do the following : importing this plugin to the /redmine/plugins directory (...
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2017-09-13 12:09 (0) Answers

Cannot run Ruby on Rails app after git pull

I have a problem while pulling a friend's RoR project via Git. The git functions correctly but once I start running the server (after a bundle installand rake db:migrate) I have the following puma error in plain HTML black on white : Puma caught t...
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2017-09-13 10:09 (1) Answers

gemspec link to specific commit

In a Gemfile I can do this: gem "html-proofer", :git => "https://github.com/gjtorikian/html-proofer.git", :ref => 'e1c259fc18a083b1f2f1580f0ea5176c72f4fbac' How can I do the same thing in a gemspec with add_runtime_dependency? ...
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2017-09-11 17:09 (0) Answers

Batch script to build ruby gems

I have the following directory structure. build -build.bat package -gems -abc.gem -xyz.gem -install.sh plugins -abc -abc.gemspec -xyz -xyz.gemspec I am trying to write the batch file build.bat in build folder. The tasks i...
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2017-09-11 08:09 (1) Answers

Install gem/mongify in openSUSE

I am planning to migrate mysql data to mongoDB and decided to use mongify. I have both mysql and mongoDB are running in openSUSE 12.x . In order to install mongify in openSUSE, I need rubygems installed and running. How do I install rubygems in openS...
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2017-09-09 18:09 (1) Answers

gem sources add URL with "#" in it

I have gems repo installed at "http://somehost.com/repos/#/gems". When I try to add this repo to sources: gem sources --add "http://somehost.com/repos/#/gems/" I see the following error: Error fetching http://somehost.com/repos/#/gems/: ...
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2017-09-07 09:09 (0) Answers

How to redirect gem file installation

The edited gem file is located in the same folder as the application I'm working on. The path is /Users/name/Ruby/Instagram. I need to install it, but I can't just use gem 'gem_name' install because it will install the general version from GitHub. Ho...
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2017-09-05 05:09 (2) Answers