React components not rendering

I'm building a mini app to get flight dates prices etc using the Ryanair's API. I have a component to conditionally render 2 other components based on if there are flights on the day or not, but it's not working. import React from 'react'; import i...
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2017-08-10 00:08 (1) Answers

Login Security using jsonwebtoken

I am currently working on a website using React where I want to be able to have user login. Right now my strategy is to send form data to the server (express) on submit, and if the info matches a user in my DB, the server sends back a signed JWT with...
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2017-08-09 17:08 (0) Answers

Material UI beta, table with global search

I am using last Material-UI react component library, and try to add global search through the whole table. I try to use regex to global and case sensitive behavior. But I'll catch the error: match is not a function Who knows a better solution ...
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2017-08-07 10:08 (1) Answers

Storing an active state between siblings

I'm having difficulty utilizing an active state between two sibling components. I have NavComponent.jsx & HeaderComponent.jsx of which both render to different regions in the DOM. I have a hamburger button that toggles the active state so it tur...
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2017-08-02 19:08 (1) Answers

React Native ListView Item ZIndex

I am trying to implement a drag and drop list view item, where I can drag from a listview and drop into another. The big problem I am facing is the "zIndex" from the ListView children, I can't figure out how to get the child row to stay above the ot...
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2017-07-30 18:07 (1) Answers

react router relative link does not link properly

So I'm using the npm package react-router-relative ( but it doesn't seem to be switching the url properly. Here's what my links looks like: <Link to='items' className="btn btn-default submissio...
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2017-07-28 02:07 (4) Answers

React - Google Indexing

So I have a situation where site loads content through react.js - the content is fed through has a robots.txt file that disallows all contents of the In Search Console - this is what ...
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2017-07-26 12:07 (0) Answers

React Native: Android activity go back

I implemented android native module from Bambora SDK and displayed its native view(activity) by getCurrentActivity().startActivity(intent); It works like a charm but finish() makes whole app quit instead of going back. Here are some of my codes. pu...
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2017-07-22 11:07 (1) Answers

SignalR and React Connection

I am building a chat application and am trying to connect my React Client-side with a SignalR server. I'm trying to test it so that I can connect the server and the client first before i apply and get the messages. However whenever I try to connect,...
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2017-07-17 17:07 (0) Answers

Syntax of arrow functions

const fetch = url => dispatch => { // ... } export const fetchQuestions = tag => (dispatch) => { return dispatch(fetch(tag)); }; What is dispatch in the fetch function ? url is a first and single parameter fetch function. But what ...
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2017-07-17 16:07 (4) Answers

Partial Password Masking on Input Field

So I need to mask a SSN# input field, lets say the ssn is 123-45-6789, I need to display ***-**-6789 (real time as they enter each digit) but I still need to retain the original value to submit. I got to the point where I can do that if the user st...
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2017-07-15 02:07 (2) Answers

Performance improvement to React Text Clamp?

I'm trying to make a reusable React text-clamp component. The user passes in the number of lines to render and the text they want to display, and the component renders their text, cutting it off at the specified number of lines and inserting an ellip...
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2017-07-14 00:07 (2) Answers

How to configure Django Rest Framework + React

I have an application backend in Django-rest-framework, and I have a reactjs app. How can I do to they work together ? For development I open 2 terminals and run them separately. There is some way to make them work together ? Also to deploy it to...
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2017-07-12 00:07 (2) Answers