separate first middle last name C#

Goal: parse name when user enters name, and have a message box display with first middle and last name. Right now it only works when you type in three names, if you try two it crashes, and I'm sure it's cause of my array but Im not sure where I'm wro...
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2017-07-29 07:07 (4) Answers

Jackson to parse complex objects

I want to parse json object using jackson. My object structure is something like: @JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true) public class LiveShow implements Serializable{ @JsonProperty("showid") public String showid; @J...
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2017-07-21 09:07 (2) Answers

XMLParser iOS Swift - How to check if post is new

I have a working project to parse XML data from an .rss file. I am able to refresh the tableview (pull to refresh) and display the new data (if available). I want to know how to let the user know if the post is new, so it never has been in the table...
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2017-06-30 21:06 (0) Answers

How to get fscanf to stop if it hits a newline?

Sorry if this is fairly obvious but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I'm writing a config file parser in c. the files will look something along the lines of PARAM1 VALUE1 PARAM2 VALUE2 etc. I'm using fscanf to read in the file and ...
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2017-06-30 15:06 (0) Answers

Parse Json without property names to C#

I'm trying to parse to a C# object a string containing a JSON that looks like that : I know it's not really valid json but I can't choose it, it's sent by a device. That's why I've tried to replace the [] by {} to make it look like a valid object. [...
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2017-06-29 16:06 (1) Answers

Parse JSON data from result with C#

When I try to get the Json data from the response it does not work. I'm new to Json so I'm not sure how to go about this. Here is the code I have atm: //process ajax and make API call to active campaign [HttpPost] public ActionResult Proces...
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2017-06-26 08:06 (2) Answers

PHP parsing for specific strings in text area

I have been working on a PHP webpage to help me parse lots of data. It works but I would like it more robust . So on my main page I have a text area that you can copy in as much information as you want. You click submit posts the data into a page th...
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2017-06-22 14:06 (0) Answers

Extracting Json from xml text file in iOS Swift

i have to extract and parse json from a text file, i know how to parse json but i'm just unable to extract it correctly from xml format. this is my xml which contains json. <Data> <Persons>[{"ID":"2","Name":"Catagory 1"},{"ID":"3","Name"...
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2017-06-22 11:06 (1) Answers

python minidom xml parser 3

<student id="1" student:name="robert"> <sectionA> <class name="first"/> </sectionA> </student> <student id="2" student:name="lucky"> <sectionB> <class name="first"/> </sectionB> </stude...
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2017-06-20 14:06 (1) Answers

Parsing data from json in C#

I successfully got data to var content The code how I did it: public async void FetchAsync() { var client = new RestClient(""); var request = new RestRequest("/countries", Method.POST); var response = client.Execute...
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2017-06-04 20:06 (2) Answers

scanf(), field width, inf and nan

Per the C standard from 1999, scanf() and strtod() should accept infinity and NaN as inputs (if supported by the implementation). The descriptions of both functions have peculiar language, which may be open to interpretations. scanf(): An input...
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2017-06-04 13:06 (2) Answers

Eclipse JDT: AST or SearchEngine

I'm developing a tool to detect accessibility defects in Android applications by parsing the source code. To parse the XML UI layouts of the app I'm using Java's SAX XML parser. This gives me access to the individual elements and its attributes, and...
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2017-06-03 03:06 (0) Answers

Search for 10 consecutive single digits

I have a lady at work who sends me phone numbers. They are sent in a messy manner. EVERY TIME. so I want to copy her entire message from Skype and have a batch file parse the saved .txt file, searching only for 10 consecutive digits. e.g she sends m...
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2017-05-23 14:05 (4) Answers