Merge pdfs in a grid

I have hundreds of pdf files representing cards for a card game. They are standard 2.5"x3.5" files build using LaTeX. In order to print them I want to concatenate them together into a single pdf with 9 cards per page (the most that can fit). Currentl...
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2017-05-14 22:05 (0) Answers

why linux cp command don't consume disk IO?

os: centos7 test file: a.txt 1.2G monitor command: iostat -xdm 1 The first scene: cp a.txt b.txt #b.txt is not exist The second scene: cp a.txt b.txt #b.txt is exist Why the first scene don't consume IO, but the second scen...
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2017-05-14 10:05 (0) Answers

Makefile to compile java in directories

I would like to create makefile that will compile java files which are in specific directory. Here is what I've got: JCC = javac JCR = java JFLAGS = -source 1.6 \ -target 1.6 \ -d out main: folder all all: $(JCC) $(JFLAGS) src/com/...
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2017-05-13 22:05 (1) Answers

Does Mac OS X have the /dev/ptmx file?

I want to port my Linux application that uses pseudo-terminals to OS X, but I can't seem to find the /dev/ptmx file on my OS X Tiger. Is it because OS X Tiger is so old, and newer versions have this file? ...
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2017-05-13 19:05 (1) Answers

How to install SSReflect and MathComp in Linux?

I have successfully installed Coq 8.6 and CoqIDE in Linux (Ubuntu 17.04). However, I don't know to proceed in order to add SSReflect and MathComp to this installation. All the references that I have checked seemed to be very confusing to me. Does any...
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2017-05-13 17:05 (2) Answers

Trouble installing Twilio using Pip

So, I was trying to use the Twilio API and it showed a lot of errors initially. Using the existing aid out there, I could narrow down some errors. How should I completely install this package? Please let me know if I could share any other informati...
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2017-05-13 12:05 (1) Answers

Answer to password shell prompt in golang

I am searching for a way to answer to a shell password prompt in golang. like : bussiere@kus:~/Workspace/rteest$ ./ Password : I would like to enter the password automatically with my token in golang after launching a shell comman...
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2017-05-12 19:05 (2) Answers

Single PAM conversation with multiple messages

I'm helping build a pluggable access module. Our module initially implemented a PAM conversation with only one message, and it worked fine. We then had a need to add a second message to the conversation, and thought it would be simple enough to incre...
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2017-05-12 10:05 (0) Answers

submin add an exsiting repository

When I change the svn_dir to an exsiting svn repostory, the error came out. External command 'svnadmin' failed: svnadmin: E165002: '/home/work/fanbo/svnuse/svn/zz' is an existing repository I only know how to new an submin web website, but I don'...
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2017-05-12 09:05 (0) Answers

Setting up signal masks in a Linux C daemon

I have written a simple daemon in C, running on Linux. I'm trying to understand how to correctly setup signal masks. I have the following code in my daemon: struct sigaction new_sig_action; sigset_t new_sig_set; /* Set signal mask - signals we want...
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2017-05-12 08:05 (1) Answers

CoqIDE configuration in Linux

I have a fresh install of Coq 8.6 in Ubuntu 17.04. When I try to compile my project using make, it works fine until I get the first error message. Then, I try to use CoqIDE to locate and correct the error, but I get new error messages, such as: "The...
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2017-05-11 21:05 (1) Answers

Curl command doesn't work in bash script

I am trying to upload a JSON file into my noSQL database using a bash script, but it doesn't work and I don't understand why. This is the script : test='{"evaluation": "none"}' test="'$test'" command="curl -XPUT localhost:9200/test/evaluation/$i -d...
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2017-05-11 17:05 (1) Answers

How can I get the CPU time for a perl system call?

I have a perl script that calls external executables using system(). I would like to measure the CPU seconds taken by these external programs. Ideally, I would like to run them using the shell builtin time command (this is on a Linux system). Somethi...
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2017-05-11 14:05 (3) Answers

grep and find not working in shell script

I am trying to grep a particular pattern from a group of files stored in a directory thru shell script. However script scans through the files but it is not fetching me the result. I have 5 files with the pattern as finishing with status COMPLETE He...
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2017-05-11 11:05 (1) Answers

Script to act on multiple files in Linux

I want to create a script that can be given 3 arguments: task, infile-type, outfile-type; and it should apply the task to each of such files in the folder. For example, I should be able to give command: convert png jpg, and it should convert all png ...
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2017-05-11 08:05 (4) Answers

Ram on Raspberry Pi

So I was wondering if there was any way to allow more ram to a program on a Raspberry Pi 3. I have a process which takes 76,7% of the memory (it's a tomcat server) and need another one like this to run, so my Raspberry can't handle it right now. Is ...
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2017-05-10 15:05 (1) Answers

Python Script Open and Write into Terminal

I have a Python script on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (OS NOOBS) that when run, logs the temperature of the CPU into a .csv file every minute. What I'd like to know is how can I, from a Python script open a terminal and output the temperature in the t...
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2017-05-10 14:05 (1) Answers

Find files using wildcard in directory using Linux

So I have a directory that has a number of files. I'm wondering what I need to find files within that directory. My files have a naming convention and then a last name. I'd like to find by the naming convention. /MyDir/MySubDir/2016_01_randomLastN...
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2017-05-10 03:05 (3) Answers

Calling multiple Bash aliases

I want to open three different folders on three new terminals from my terminal using one command. All of them should run independently of each other meaning one command does not depend on the one before it. Here is my .bash_aliases, which is called ...
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2017-05-10 02:05 (2) Answers

Node.js dependencies incompatibility on Linux

Consistently getting this error when I call "sudo npm install": Peer react-dom@0.14.9 wants react@^0.14.9 Prior to this, I called sudo npm install react@0.14.9 and it installed without an issue. I'm not sure why the React still flags this issue. ...
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2017-05-09 22:05 (1) Answers