I can not get this UIView round

This is the final result of the code below: This is my code: view.layer.cornerRadius = 0.5 * view.bounds.size.width view.layer.masksToBounds = true view.clipsToBounds = true view is the red UIView. This code is placed in viewWillLayoutSubviews ...
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2017-05-14 22:05 (1) Answers

xcode :How to sniff out web video

Resources they can sniff out a web page, this is how to do? pro recorder iOS app or 迅雷 app(Has been off the shelves)。 I attempt to find the answer in the making, but not what I want。 ...
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2017-05-14 10:05 (0) Answers

Symbolicating crash report

I have all dSYM files, crash file and .app file in the same folder, using this command it symbolicates the crash report: symbolicatecrash myCrash.crash > SymbolicatedM.crash But the first few lines still show hex address: Exception Type: EXC_...
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2017-05-13 21:05 (1) Answers

CallKit extension begin request

I'm developing an app with database of blocked numbers. In my beginRequest method I'm doing asynchronous connection to my online database and calling context.completeRequest() in completion block. When is this method called? Apple documentation is no...
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2017-05-13 12:05 (1) Answers

get rid of + between words while searching

I'm doing an iOS application where the user insert a movie title and the application tells the user the plot and actor and display an image for the movie. The database is http://www.omdbapi.com/ The application works fine but with movies with 2 words...
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2017-05-12 21:05 (1) Answers

Cordova WKWebView white screen

I'm trying to get a simple JavaScript application running inside of Cordova on my iPhone. The project works perfectly fine inside the simulator but displays a strange screen when running it on my phone. Here's my config.xml file: <widget id...
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2017-05-12 08:05 (1) Answers

Send arrow character to iPhone with SMS

I'm trying to send an up arrow to an iPhone with SMS using VBA and a CDO mail object. 'tried as Unicode: subj = ChrW(8593) & " Up " & ChrW(8593) 'also as HTML special character: subj = "&uarr; Up &uarr;" These result in either a ...
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2017-05-12 02:05 (1) Answers

iOS: Could not get outgoing call events in CallKit

I'm making a call through my app using 'telprompt', but when call ends I want a new view controller to be shown and hit an API to get data, So I want to receive an event to open a pop up and hit API. I have tried using CallKit, but Delegate method i...
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2017-05-11 14:05 (1) Answers

How to show tableView to top when scrolled

In my project, In the view 'Top' side is for one UIView and below it a tableView. I want to show tableView to top when scrolled and hide the tableView. func scrollViewDidScroll(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) { self.topView.isHidden = true } ...
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2017-05-11 07:05 (2) Answers

How to get iPhones angle from Horizon?

I am currently working on an AR tracker for iOS. I have the horizontal tracking working fine but have run into an issue tracking the object vertically. When I get the devices orientation using CMMotionManager it gives me a value of 0 (Straight Up), 9...
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2017-05-10 21:05 (0) Answers

Problems with complex UITableViewCell

I'm trying to implement a custom complex UITableViewCell. My data source is relatively simple, but I could have some multiple elements. class Element: NSObject { var id: String var titles: [String] var value: String init(id: String,...
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2017-05-10 20:05 (5) Answers

Menu move in animation not working on IPhone

Menu has a slide in animation. Works on Chrome, IE, FF and on android devices. However, I'm running into issues with iPhones/iPad where the animation happens but then the menu disappears when clicking the menu icon. Where as it should stay open so t...
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2017-05-10 18:05 (0) Answers

iOS: cannot request authorization from Spotify app

I'm developping app using spotify-iOS-SDK, i have succesfully connect my app to Spotify from Safari, but when i try to connect my app from Spotify App, it doesn't request authorization in spotify app, instead it throw me back to my app after a checkm...
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2017-05-10 07:05 (2) Answers

URL getting nil value

in this i am assigning some value to url variable, but this variable is not getting any value. i used the breakpoint to check the value it shows nil value. i used the print statement for testing the variable abc is getting perfect value but it is not...
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2017-05-09 21:05 (0) Answers

NSLayoutConstraint constant is not updating

I wanna update a constraint if device is iPhone SE. I have a xib view controller that I add it's view as a subview. //get the empty view let emptyVC = JobsEmptyStateView(nibName: "JobsEmptyStateView", bundle: nil) let emptyView = empty...
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2017-05-09 18:05 (1) Answers

Customize the marker on google map with clusters

I am using google map SDK in my application and plotting marker on selected let long and for making groups on marker i am using GMUClusterManager for adding cluster on marker, but with this i am facing an issue to change the image of marker, with if ...
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2017-05-09 11:05 (1) Answers