Xcode 8.2 - Autolayout: xib run on different sizes

I get a problem using xib's and Autolayout on Xcode 8.2. I have bind a Xib for each viewController which are then added on a storyboard. My problem is to test different device sizes on my app. Everything is ok when I select the right "View as: #dev...
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2017-02-14 16:02 (0) Answers

What is Text-based API option in Xcode

Recently, I observed section named Text-based API in Xcode build settings. In Xcode 7.X it's under Linking section. But now with Xcode 8.X, it's separated out as another section in Xcode build settings. I'm interested to know what exactly it will do?...
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2017-02-14 10:02 (1) Answers

Google Maps zoom out to GPS and markers

I am trying to show three things on map : GPS (the current location) , Marker 1 , Marker 2, but I am not sure I am doing it right or not ! Here is my code : self.startMarker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: self.startLatitude, longitude:...
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2017-02-14 09:02 (2) Answers

SVG <image> not showing on iphone

So I'm trying to link an image (rocket.svg) into my svg but when I embed it into my site the svg shows but not the rocket.svg <svg version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" style="position:fixed; ...
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2017-02-14 03:02 (1) Answers

How to sync text with audio file in iOS

I have one MIDI file in iOS, which I parsed successfully using AVFoundation. I have got note and duration of MIDI files. However how do I sync text with highlighted colour when MIDI files in played using AVFoundation in iOS. MusicSequence s; NewMusi...
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2017-02-13 13:02 (0) Answers

ios: Timer working in simulator but not on device

I am currently using a time on a Swift application. In previous app I had no problems but for this one I had a particular behavior: the timer works fine on the simulator but is never fired on the real device (10.0.2). NSTimer.scheduledTimerWithTim...
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2017-02-13 12:02 (1) Answers

Accessing webView from another class Swift 3

I have a Tab Bar Controller that has two different view controllers -- each with a WKWebView in them. This is inside my WebViewController: (I basically can decipher based on the URL if I need to throw the ID to the other webView. HTMLSermonAudioCo...
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2017-02-12 21:02 (1) Answers

CollectionView in ScrollView

I am working on an iOS app where I want to show a UIScrollView with two UILabels an UIImageView and a UICollectionView at the bottom. Now I don't know how to do this in auto layout, who could help me out? I've tried just adding everything and settin...
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2017-02-12 13:02 (1) Answers

ios auto layout label positionning

I am working with the storyboard using auto layout. I need a particular layout and I am not able to find a way to do it. I have two UILabels, the first one regular and the second one bold (That's why I used two UILabels). I need the second UILabe...
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2017-02-12 05:02 (2) Answers

MPNowPlayingInfoCenter conflicts with Apple Music

I'm developing a music player that plays music in the background. The app has integration with both Spotify and Apple music, the user will only be authenticated in one of the services. At the moment, I'm able to play the musics in the app and in th...
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2017-02-11 21:02 (0) Answers

Tableview within tableview swift

I need to have a view which has a UITableView and the main UITableView has a cell that has another tableview. I have added the view on storyboard and implemented the delegate and datasource methods in a single viewcontroller. But the tableview method...
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2017-02-11 11:02 (1) Answers

Segue won't show the ViewController when pressed

I currently have a ViewController with prototype cells in a UITable View. The cells currently display content from a Firebase DB when loaded. What I would like to do is when a cell is pressed more information is shown from the Firebase DB. However, I...
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2017-02-11 03:02 (3) Answers

HTML5 video element not loading on iPhone/iPad

This is a repeat question, but I haven't been able to find a solution that works for me. I can't seem to figure out why my <video> element is not loading on iPhone or iPad. Here is my HTML code: <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsiv...
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2017-02-11 01:02 (1) Answers

Check network interface ip version ios

I am trying to understand what my active network interface ip version is - IPv4 or IPv6. I am using the next instructions http://www.brianjcoleman.com/tutorial-how-to-test-your-app-for-ipv6-compatibility/ to test my app for IPv6 compatibility. I ch...
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2017-02-10 14:02 (1) Answers

Style HTML select tag on ios/safari/iPhone

I have three dropdown lists (three <select> elements). I styled them with the css: .dropdown{ font-size: 20px; background: white; border:none; position: relative; } In chrome they look perfectly fine. However when I test the ...
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2017-02-10 12:02 (2) Answers

Unable to create cell in collectionview?

I want to add a UICollectionView inside a table view cell.For this purpose, i have created below files. CollectionCell: class CollectionCell: UICollectionViewCell { @IBOutlet weak var lblName: UILabel! @IBOutlet weak var imgCell: UIImageView! ...
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2017-02-10 10:02 (1) Answers

UiScrollView Adjust Content When Scrolling

I have a problem with my UIScrollView and I hope some of you can help me in some way. I explain you ... At the center of my ViewController I have a ScrollView showing the contents of 3 external UIViewController. Through classic for loops I am able ...
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2017-02-09 14:02 (0) Answers

Why this code crashes on iPhone 5?

The following code: func getCurrentMillis() -> Int64 { return Int64(Date().timeIntervalSince1970 * 1000) } crashes on [32 bit] iPhone 5 with message: EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=EXC_ARM_BREAKPOINT, subcode=0xe7ffdefe) I don't understand why see...
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2017-02-09 10:02 (2) Answers