iOS Keyboard Partial Trigger on input focus

When the using the site in Safari on iPhone 5/SE, focusing on either of the two inputs shown below doesn't fully trigger the keyboard. The field toggle and "Done" buttons appear but no keyboard. We're using a third party chat plugin that we can't sw...
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2017-08-11 13:08 (1) Answers

Calling function when user taps anywhere on screen

In my app I have a small menu I made which is basically a UIView with two button on it. The menu opens when the user taps a button and closes also when the user taps the same button. I'd like the menu to close when the user taps anywhere outside of t...
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2017-08-11 09:08 (5) Answers

Shake gesture not working iOS

I have used collectionView and also implemented pull to sync (pull_Down_To_Get_Data_From_Server) in my ViewController(named : "DashboardViewController"). I tried the shake gesture code(given below) in my DashboardViewController and its not working bu...
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2017-08-11 08:08 (1) Answers

Create a view controller outside of storyboard

I need a small tutorial video to our iOS project which can be accessed from multiple view controllers(screens). I don't want to break dozens of segues to add this tutorial, as it would cause a nightmare. Would the best way to do this, is to create a ...
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2017-08-10 13:08 (4) Answers

Video tag is not working in Iphone

I have used a video tag like this <video class="inview-video" poster="" muted="" controls="controls" width="300" height="150"><source src="http://w...
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2017-08-10 11:08 (0) Answers

UIDataDetectorTypeAddress for European addresses

I need to get iOS to automatically recognize addresses outside the phone's locale in a UITextView (or similar text view). It needs to automatically detect the address because the UITextView could hold a variety of different things – sometimes add...
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2017-08-09 19:08 (0) Answers

Get value from server reponse swift

I am new to Swift, I want to get value of latitude and longitde from server reponse. How do i get the value? Here is my code: WebServiceHelper.sharedInstance.makeWebServiceCall(urlAddress: "", requestMeth...
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2017-08-09 09:08 (1) Answers

iOS app leading to electrical earbud mic cut out?

this is one of the weirdest things I have ever come across, I had to ask here though it's not strictly about specific code... I have written an iOS app (min target 9.0) and am testing on an iPhone 6s. What's the issue? I believe that the app is caus...
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2017-08-09 08:08 (0) Answers

iOS detect Airplay during app launch

We are building an iOS app where users can watch videos under a subscription model. We don't want users to Airplay the videos to any other device. The video is being played inside a UIWebView. I checked various online resources: https://develope...
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2017-08-08 06:08 (1) Answers

Scale vertical constraint with Autolayout

The layout build in IB is currently looking like this for an iPhone 7: However when, with constraints, I switch to a 4s it looks like this with the content hanging off the view: This is how it should look on an 4s: Is it possible using IB an...
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2017-08-07 16:08 (1) Answers

css media queries not targeting iPhone

I have a problem with my css file. The styles are not being applied for iPhone, instead I get the iPad queries applied for both iPhone and iPad. I have checked and checked for typos and cannot find any. Here is my css file for both iPad and iPhone qu...
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2017-08-06 21:08 (1) Answers