Mobile site and SEO

How indicate to Google that a site has a mobile version? I use a JavaScript script to detect the resolution of the device. Then if this resolution is less than a breakpoint (ex. 720), the user is redirected to the same URL with the parameter "mobile...
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2017-02-15 17:02 (1) Answers

angular2 serverside rendering: dynamic content

I often read about serverside rendering as a great new feature of Angular2 which shall make webapps crawleable by Google, Bing, etc. . But how does this work for content that is loaded dynamically when the app starts? Will the crawler wait for thos...
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2017-02-07 22:02 (1) Answers

Ajax Website not crawl

I have created a website using Slim framework. Most of the contents of my pages is populated in ajax json and jquery. When I ask google to crawl my website, the ajax is not parsed, the title, the meta tags are empty, and all the contents too. But w...
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2017-01-29 01:01 (0) Answers

Truncated pages getting indexed in Google

We have recently noticed that some of the pages of our website in google index are truncated. We initially though this might me because of some sort of timeout being appplied by the web server, or may be an abrupt break in the socket connection. This...
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2017-01-16 05:01 (0) Answers

Googlebot not respecting http basic auth

I have basic auth set up and it has always worked. Suddenly google started crawling my pages. The auth is still there (I have checked it using different browsers). I am at a loss how it's possible. The user/pass is dead simple to guess from the ur...
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2017-01-03 22:01 (0) Answers

How to verify that Google has indexed a page

I've added a new page to my website and currently its being linked to at only one place in the website. The new page is a simple page with some text content. What are some techniques I can use to verify that Googlebot has indexed and crawled said pag...
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2016-12-15 17:12 (0) Answers

What is Google reaction to indexing redirect URLs?

i just installed a CMS script to make my website that it give me URLs like this : after some changes in URL, i used a .Htaccess code to remove index.php from URL. But this code do not remove index.php from original URLs....
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2016-11-30 16:11 (1) Answers

Cross Domain Canonicalisation Issue

Let's say I have a website which is an original one. I have other 4 sites like - - & All the domains are pointed to the same server. I had installed a canonical tag of in...
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2016-11-16 10:11 (0) Answers

Angularjs Google SEO error

I have a problem with my AngularJS 1.* app and Google SEO crawler. I have an angular route /skills but when I try to fetch the /skills route as google (Fetch as Google) it gives Page not found. Also, I have meta base tag. If I try to fetch my index r...
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2016-11-02 23:11 (0) Answers

Angular 2 on Apache | search engines crawler

I've written a simple Angular 2 app and published it on a hosting provider's Apache server. Is it possible that my site will be crawled by search engines? I googled that the site needs to be rendered server side, but I haven't been able to find out a...
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2016-10-24 12:10 (1) Answers

Vaadin 7 make application SEO ready

Google Ajax-crawling instructions say the !# is actually transformed into ?_escaped_fragment_ by the google crawler. I'd like to prepare my Vaadin 7 application to be SEO ready for Google search engine so could you please tell me if there is any ou...
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2016-07-20 12:07 (0) Answers

Serve different page to google bot crawler

I have an SPA with a lot of images in it. I want to expose those images to search engines. So I want to create "special" pages that will only be seen by the bot. The pages will contain metadata about the images. Is it possible to make googlebot cra...
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2016-05-25 13:05 (2) Answers