Git rebasing multiple branches

I have 3 branches: main branch A, branch B that is branched from A at some point, and branch C that is branched from B. On each branch there is new commits, branch B needs to have code from A as base, branch C needs to be on top of B. This is my curr...
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2017-02-14 23:02 (2) Answers

git rebase and file conflict

After doing my work in my branch, I made pull request to merge my branch in to master. Github show one file of my branch has conflict and can not be automatically merged. On the other hand, my manager asked me to rebase my branch. I did rebase as fol...
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2017-02-14 19:02 (2) Answers

git: How to find file history from blob ID

I'm trying to replicate Subversion's $Id: $ feature with git. I know that I can use .gitattributes to set the ident attribute, which will allow me to embed the blob ID in a source code comment. That's the basic requirement, and I'm covered. But I'm ...
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2017-02-14 16:02 (2) Answers

Move git commit to new branch

With git I committed some changes and now would like to have them in a new branch. How to acchieve this is explained in several places, for example here My confusion is more related to the local/remote aspect of this task. I started by forking a re...
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2017-02-13 17:02 (4) Answers

ssh-keygen in git bash suddenly using wrong path

I generated key set of keys using the method shown here. It worked fine and I was able to register my public key and clone the git repository i needed. Then out of nowhere it stopped working. I decided to try to start over, so I backed up and delete...
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2017-02-13 16:02 (1) Answers

Git remote branch tracking - am I doing it right?

I have just read this question/answer: what-exactly-does-the-u-do-git-push-u-origin-master-vs-git-push-origin-ma However I am still a little unclear on a couple of points: If I forget to do git push -u origin myBranch, and instead I simply do git...
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2017-02-13 15:02 (2) Answers

GIT & Laravel stopping certain files

I've been running a project written in Laravel which has been fun to use. The setup I use is the vagrant box Homestead configuration so I do the majority of my work on my local machine and push up to the development server once its ready to go. Duri...
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2017-02-13 12:02 (1) Answers

How to make a git branch the new master?

A few days ago, I created a new git branch using: git checkout -b release-1_5 Since creating that new branch, I've made additional changes & commits to it. I'm the only developer, and no changes have been made to the actual 'master' in the me...
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2017-02-12 21:02 (3) Answers

Working with bitbucket inside Visual Studio

I have a project that I've been working on for a while now and I'd like to post it to the bitbucket... I've created a repository with an URL and I'm trying now to post my existing visual studio project onto the repository. Before this I've been usin...
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2017-02-12 15:02 (0) Answers

Git subrepositories

I am a member of a small firmware team and we use a private Git server for version control. Our codebase typically has folders for platform specific code, common code used by multiple platforms and an SDK provided by the manufacturer of the microproc...
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2017-02-12 01:02 (2) Answers

git log pretty format

I have an alias for git log twoline. [alias] l = "log --graph --date=relative --decorate --abbrev-commit --pretty=format:'%h - %aD (%ar)%d%n %s - %an'" It works nicely. output#1: $ git l -2 * 714a14e - Fri, 18 Nov 2016 00:04:19 -0800 ...
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2017-02-12 00:02 (1) Answers

Git gc uses a lot of memory, even I limited it

I am running git on a shared host ( and hit the memory limit when doing git push or git gc. Memory consumption reported by them is around 1500 MB. So I followed the advice in It seemed to wor...
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2017-02-11 12:02 (2) Answers

How to create a branch and reset another with git?

I am working on a project on GitHub. On my computer I made six commits that I have not yet pushed to the GitHub server. Now I realize that I want to keep the current master branch that is in the cloud, and put the commits in a separate branch called ...
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2017-02-11 04:02 (3) Answers

Squashing commits after they are pushed

Imagine a git repository with the following commits: Fixed issue 3 123eabc Fixed issue 2 (part 2) fa23b79 Fixed issue 2 (part 1) 7bea5cc Fixed issue 1 0d229f4 These are all pushed to remote master already. Is ...
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2017-02-10 16:02 (1) Answers

renaming imported git project name in netbeans

I have switched over my svn repository over to git (and imported the commit history), but when I clone the project in netbeans it still defaults to the original svn project name and not the new git project name. Anyone know how I can change this? ...
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2017-02-10 14:02 (0) Answers

Git pull from someone else's fork

We are two students working on our online repository (different repo) that is forked from a common upstream repo. Let's say other student made Changes, Commits and Pushed to his repo on a specific branch. How do I pull these changes into my own ...
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2017-02-10 11:02 (3) Answers

Merge branch '2.8' into '3.2'?

I know and I practice gitflow. I was studying how Symfony manages its Github repository, then I started GitKraken to get a nice branches rendering Something totally freaked me out, the commit "Merge branch '2.8' into '3.2'". How is this even sema...
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2017-02-10 01:02 (1) Answers