Not able to enter next input field - jQuery

I am not able to type to next input field, the first field where text is being created on comma enter and its seems to be working fine but focus not working Here is the code Type something in first field, hit comma Try moving to next input field, ...
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2017-09-07 22:09 (2) Answers

PHP POST not working but GET works

I have been struggling with this weird issue for too long now. I have searched through all the so posts of the same issue and none of the solutions have helped. I have an HTML form that is using the post method to log a user in. The form resubmits ...
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2017-08-29 10:08 (2) Answers

Grab html form data in JS

It smells like a trivial one but can't figure it out. I have a html form that is generated dynamically by JS and filled with initial data grabbed from server, DB passed as a parameter to displayResForm. The form is displayed correctly with filled dat...
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2017-08-26 17:08 (1) Answers

Automated login attempt gives status code 500

I'm trying to auto login into an HTML form that has some jQuery attached to it. I want to log in from the command line (wget). In order to do that, I first tried to find out what happens when I submit the form. Firefox tells me that the following pie...
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2017-08-20 00:08 (0) Answers

jquery not working with if statement

I am using an jquery script with an ajax update method that is bound to the focus event of a form element. It works, but I first want to check if the form element is not empty. As soon as I do that, the function stops working. Below is the code: <...
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2017-08-18 13:08 (5) Answers

Laravel 5.4 form post and save() don't work

I have problem with submitting data into database. Database works fine, as I can seed data into it and display data from it. I am suspecting that there is something wrong with post form, as I don't get any errors, it is like post doesn't reach contro...
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2017-08-15 01:08 (0) Answers

Two forms, one submit button

I have two forms, I need one submit button for two forms. How I can do it, without ajax? <form action="" id="form" method="post"> <input type="file" name="file"> <input type="text" name="text"> </form> <form actio...
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2017-08-11 09:08 (2) Answers

Html form input in place of python django forms

I am writing an application with django. I know how to implement the django forms but what I want to do really is to have an html input input with type text or email or password and save the input to database or link it to the clas...
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2017-08-10 19:08 (3) Answers

Symfony 3.2 form bindings with json request

I'm using Symfony 3.2, and have a little bit of a problem on inserting the JSON data into forms. I have my Note entity, that I need to validate using forms, but I keep getting the error Cannot use object of type AppBundle\Entity\Note as array A...
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2017-08-06 00:08 (1) Answers

Passing a generic <TObject> class to a form

I can't seem to find out the answer to this through searching, so here goes.... I know that I can pass Class objects generically to other classes by utilising this type of code: public class ClsGeneric<TObject> where TObject : class { pub...
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2017-08-02 15:08 (4) Answers

Form initial data does not display in template

I have a form with some fields that have initial values. After run my application, the form appears but its fields initial values don't display, just an empty form. I put a {{ profile_form.initial }} in my template to make sure that the form has ini...
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2017-07-28 13:07 (1) Answers

$_POST form not submitting data

SO I am trying to build a very simple (semi) emailing system simply for practice and learning. SO I have my nav bar with users personal info loading on the body (right side). Inside the nav bar there are clickable links to allow user to compose, rea...
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2017-07-23 12:07 (2) Answers