Parsing a text file of integers into an array

I'm using strtok() to parse each integer and place it into int nums[1000]. The file will always follow the format of: the first line has the numbers for the array, each separated by spaces. No more than 10 numbers will be on the line. Nothing is in ...
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2017-02-08 22:02 (2) Answers

how to save a .unity file as a .unity3D

As part of my university project, I am to upload a game that I have made at university, and it is advised that we first upload to Kongregate (as the comments there will provide feedback) It appears that I can only upload a .unity3D file, whereas the ...
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2017-02-08 20:02 (0) Answers

Version Control Systems, lock files on read

I'm in a company which demands simultaneously collaboration on a web application, to avoid any conflict during development our CEO suggests the use of SVN version control system so each user can lock the file when they're working on it. SVN does sup...
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2017-02-08 10:02 (0) Answers

JxBrowser 6.12: Saved file does not appear

Environment: Windows, Java-Application with JxBrowser control (Swing) Since 6.12 we have the issue that a saved file does not appear in the target directory. The dialog opens, path can be choosen, but after hitting the save button, nothing happens. ...
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2017-02-07 16:02 (0) Answers

Avoid collision, if copying files

I was trying to copy all files of a certain filetype from all subfolders to one place. Unfortunately, this might cause collisions, if two files have the same name from two different subfolders. I was using find ./ -name '*.jpg' -exec mv -u '{}' . ...
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2017-02-04 00:02 (1) Answers

Delphi Error: I/O Error 998

I'm new to delphi and programming in general. I have a problem that when I compile and run the following DLL procedure I get an I/O Error 998. Could you please point out what I'm doing wrong while making the least possible amount of changes to my cod...
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2017-01-29 14:01 (1) Answers

How to find files older than X days on busybox?

I need to find files older than 1 month, files older than 1 week but younger than 1 month and younger than 1 week. These are backups and need to remove all but one from each time period. Any ideas how to solve the problem? I use BusyBox v1.22.1 ...
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2017-01-20 08:01 (0) Answers

Ruby not creating file

I'm trying to create and write to a new file using @logFile ="C:\Users\---\Desktop\mylog.log", "w+") And nothing happens. My program uses @logFile.write ("Hello") @logFile.flush And this line seems to be running ok (no crashes ...
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2017-01-19 13:01 (2) Answers

C# - Can't save file because its still "open"

I'm getting this error above and don't know how to fix it, since I think I closed the file before. For testing purposes I'm just using this code to open the file: private void openToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { ...
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2017-01-18 19:01 (0) Answers

Qt Saving JSON and PDF file to Path

I have two file for application. One's is data file saving with QJSON the other one is pdf which is include app's info. I want to save this two file into path (selecting by users). How can I get user's selection file path? Fallowing code block has ...
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2017-01-17 11:01 (1) Answers

Raspberry pi 'Can't open file to write'

I am running Raspbian version 4.4.11 and after uncommenting #disable_overscan = 1 in /boot/config.txt and rebooting I can no longer make changes to any file on the system. CTRL S will bring up a Save as dialog box and attempting to save the file will...
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2017-01-16 23:01 (0) Answers

Download manager does not work on LG devices

I try to perform downloading the file using DownloadManager. Everything works fine except LG devices. Here is my code: private void downloadFile(FileInfo fileInfo) { private DownloadManager manager = (DownloadManager) MyApp.getSingleton(). ...
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2017-01-16 15:01 (0) Answers

File comparisons ignoring the tree differences

I am looking for a free/open source software to check that all the files of my camera (all in the same folder) have been saved somewhere on my computer (in many different folders). I know winmerge and syncback but I don't manage to ignore the tree di...
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2017-01-15 15:01 (0) Answers

Python edit specific words of a text file

My program is a basic Tkinter game with a scoreboard type system. This system stores the username and the number of attempts each user has had in a text file. For example, when it is the user's first time, it appends their name to the end of the tex...
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2017-01-15 11:01 (2) Answers

Save image in the gallery

I got a question how to save a bitmap from my App into the android gallery within a Button? I just want that my bitmap is placed in the gallery that the user can use it to set it as maybe his background. So how is it going? ...
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2017-01-11 20:01 (2) Answers

C searching for a word in a string

Im trying to write a code that scans a string from the console and tries to find the same word in a .txt file. Then print the word and print if its a positive or a negative word. The .txt looks like this: agree: POZ beautiful: POZ amazing: POZ ...
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2017-01-08 13:01 (1) Answers

MemoryMappedFile without a real file

I can define and use a RandomAccessFile/MemoryMappedFile, which I am using for inter-JVM communication. It's basically a memory-only scratchpad that never needs to actually be written to disk. But starting it up, especially a large one, takes time, ...
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2017-01-07 22:01 (0) Answers

StreamReader in textbox

I am trying to use StreamReader to read a text file and display the results in a textbox, but everytime I try to do that, my textbox ends up freezing. The same result in Console seems to work fine. Here is my code so far. private void ReadFile_Click...
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2017-01-07 00:01 (3) Answers

VB.Net: Searching Word Document By Line

I'm attempting to read through a Word Document (800+ pages) line by line, and if that line contains certain text, in this case Section, simply print that line to console. Public Sub doIt() SearchFile("theFilePath", "Section") Console.WriteLi...
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2017-01-04 20:01 (2) Answers